Coral Island: Finding Hidden Underground Area or Loot

coral island drain location

Coral Island is filled with hidden items and places. There is one hidden place that no one has been able to spot. The proof of its existence was always in front of our eyes but it was easy to miss.

In this guide, I will tell you where you can find the hidden underground area or perhaps hidden loot.

Where to Find Hidden Area in Coral Island

All of you might have seen the recycling center, and just beside it is a mystery waiting for you to be solved. To find the hidden area you need to go to the entrance of the Recycling Center. When you are there start moving to the left or to the West of the island. As soon as the Recycling Center ends you will see some stairs leading down.

coral island mysteryious drain cover area

Going down the stairs beside the Recycling Center will lead you to a pile of trash. However, this trash is not like other trash which can be collected. You need a Silver Pickaxe and hit the trash a couple of times to break down the trash.

coral island mystery trash location

Once the trash is removed it will uncover a drain cover. If you try to interact with it, the player will say it won’t budge. 

coral island drain location

Currently, there is no way of knowing if this mystery is actually solvable in the game due to Coral Island being Early Access or perhaps there is a key item or action we are missing. If you are able to solve the mysterious drain puzzle please leave it in the comments so everyone can know the answer to it. Alternatively, you can contact us to post the solution. 

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