Coral Island: How to Move Giant Boulder and Access New Area

coral island meteor rock boulder move

Coral Island has tons of areas you can’t yet access. However, the mysterious area hidden behind the huge meteor-looking boulder is solved and now you can go beyond the map! Also, removing the boulder will give you ten Gold Ore which is also a bonus.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can move the giant boulder out of the way and access a new area.

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Where is the Giant Boulder?

The giant meteor-looking boulder is located on the North East of the map near Zoe, Anne, Paul house. The boulder is blocking the path to a mysterious area, which you can’t see on the map. The area blocked is covered in clouds. So let’s remove the boulder and see what it is hiding!

coral island meteor location

How to move the Giant Rock Blocking Path 

To remove the giant rock from your path you need to hit it with your Bronze Pickaxe or better. Also, you need to hit it from its right side and your cursor should be behind your character and not on the boulder as displayed in the picture.

While hitting the rock, if you see a sparkle or a flash with a unique sound, then that means you are doing it right! After hitting the rock several times with your axe you will eventually break it to reveal the stairway behind it.

coral island meteor rock boulder move

Breaking the meteor rock behind Zoe, Anne, Paul house is the only way you will get Gold Ore in Coral Island and you can only do it once.

What is Behind the Giant Rock?

The question remains, what is behind the giant rock? Well, a stairway that leads to a nice view but not the hidden or locked area I was hoping for. That’s because the game is still in Early Access and this area is yet to be added to the game. However, as you can see in the complete image of Coral Island below, this will lead to the desert area, which will be added in the future.

coral island complete map

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