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Dave the Diver: Stone Slab, Microphone & Amethyst Location

Dave the Diver is a captivating pixel graphics game that masterfully blends the excitement of underwater exploration with the strategic elements of a restaurant simulation. One of the central quests in the game involves making contact with the enigmatic Sea People, a task that proves to be a challenge due to their unique language. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to find the Sea People’s Stone Tablet, the Microphone, and how to create the Sea People Language Translator, essential components for progressing in the game.

Sea People Language Translator Mission

The journey begins after your first encounter with the Sea People. Dave, the game’s protagonist, realizes that he needs a translator to understand their language. Dr. Bacon, a character in the game, offers to make a translator but requires several objects first.

To build a Sea People Language Translator, three items are required: Amethyst, Microphone, Sea People Stone Tablet. After collecting these three items you can build the translator and communicate with the Sea People.

Finding the Stone Tablet or Stone Slab

The Stone Tablet is not an easy find. It’s located in the Sea People Record Chamber, the same place where you found the mural. This chamber is hidden within the Limestone Cave, a location you might remember from a previous quest where you had to blow up the entrance. The Limestone Cave is a bit elusive, as it only appears during morning dives and is located in the middle of the map at a depth of about 90-100m. Once you find the cave, head inside, and you’ll find the Sea People’s Tablet in the middle of the room. This ancient artifact is the key to understanding the Sea People’s language and progressing in your quest.

dave the diver Stone Tablet or Stone Slab location

Locating the Microphone

The Microphone is another object you need to find for the translator. It’s located in the wreck where the Giant Squid fights occur. This part of the quest will test your courage as you venture into the depths of the ocean, facing off against the Giant Squid. Once you’ve braved the dangers and reached the wreck, head inside, and you’ll find the Microphone waiting for you. This piece of technology is crucial for the creation of the translator.

dave the diver microphone location

Finding the Amethyst

To get the Amethyst, you need to dive all the way down to the depths (3rd region) and swim through the tubeworms using a UV Light you can get from nearby chests. Once through them, swim around until you see a block of Amethyst, and use a Pickaxe to obtain 3 pieces of Amethyst. You’ll always find a pickaxe in the closest box to the Amethyst. This bonus quest adds an extra layer of adventure to your journey.

dave the diver amethyst

Building the Sea People Language Translator

After collecting the Stone Tablet and the Microphone, it’s time to return to Dr. Bacon. He will then use these items to create the translation device, a tool that will allow Dave to communicate with the Sea People. The translator isn’t ready immediately, though. Dr. Bacon will give it to Dave the next day. While waiting, it’s a good idea to spend some time at the restaurant to earn money. You’ll need a fully upgraded diving suit to reach the depths for the next section of the game, and the funds you earn at the restaurant can help you achieve this.

The Mystery of the Sea People

The Sea People are at the heart of “Dave the Diver“. Their mysterious language and elusive nature add a layer of intrigue to the game. As you progress through the quests, you’ll learn more about their civilization and their connection to the ocean. The Sea People’s storyline is a compelling narrative that keeps players engaged and motivated to progress through the game.

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the main quests in “Dave the Diver”. By following these steps, you’ll be able to progress through the game smoothly and unravel the mystery of the Sea People. The game offers a unique blend of adventure and strategy, and understanding how to navigate its quests is key to enjoying the experience fully.

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