Dinkum: Where to Find Copper Ore & Tin Ore | Easy Guide

dinkum copper ore tin ore

Copper Ore and Tin Ore are two resources you regularly need in Dinkum. Every player is always on the lookout for these two resources and can’t find the places to find them. 

However, I have found the best places where you can find both of these resources.

Dinkum: Where to Get Copper Ore and Tin Ore

In Dinkum, you can find Copper Ore and Tine Ore in the desert biomes which are only found on muddy land which is dark brown in color. You can mine Copper and Tin Ores with a Basic Pickaxe.

Now you need to remember that not all dark brown land is the same. For reference look at the image below. The darker brown with muddy texture will have the Tin Ore and Copper Ore deposits. All other areas will not have Tin Ore. The plain brown or red land has chances of both the Quartz Crystal and Copper Ore deposits. But the chances of finding Copper Ore on plain brown land are slim.

copper ore tin ore location
  • Red: Redish Brown (Crystal Quartz)
  • Purple: Light Brown (Crystal Quartz Deposits and few Copper Ore deposits)
  • Yellow: Muddy texture Dark Brown (Copper Ore and Tin Ore deposits)

Copper Ore can be smelted in the furnace to make a Copper bar and you can do the same with Tin Ore to get a Tin Bar. The bars you create are further used to make a variety of stuff including better equipment and buildings.

The picture below shows the desert biome where you will find dark brown land that will have Copper Ore and Tin Ore.

desert location dinkum

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