Dinkum: Where to Get Quartz Crystal | Easy Guide

dinkum quartz crystal guide

Once you get started with mining in Dinkum you need to find high-value resources like crystals. Although stone is an important resource but crystals like Quartz are highly valuable. However, you won’t find Quartz Crystals everywhere and you need to look in specific spots to find these.

Uses of Quartz Crystal

You can use Quartz Crystal to craft items or you can sell it to John and get a good chunk of Dinks in exchange for it. Here are the items you can craft using Quartz Crystal:

  • Weather Station
  • Mushroom Lamp
  • Copper Street Lamp

Among all the crystals you can find in Dinkum, this one is the least difficult one to find, but its price also plummets due to its rarity.

Dinkum: Where to Get Quartz Crystal

The best place to get Quartz Crystal in Dinkum is in the desert area where you will find stone deposits with light blue crystals poking out of them. You can use a Basic Pickaxe to mine the Quartz deposits. If you don’t have the pickaxe you need to go to John’s shop and buy it.

dinkum quartz crystal desert

Each Quarts deposit you mine in Dinkum will get you a single Quartz Crystal. At night these crystal deposits are more visible, but they aren’t too hard to find in the morning as well. The desert areas are the red areas in the map. (These areas are highlighted with red and have black arrows pointing towards them in the image)

quartz crystal location dinkum

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