Dinkum Metal Detector Guide | Find Hidden Loot

dinkum metal detecting guide

The crafting and farming game Dinkum lets players have a variety of occupations, including Metal Detecting. The Metal Detector is the only method to locate the hidden treasures on the island, which will earn you even more money.

Dinkum Metal Detector Guide 

The Metal Detector is used for the purpose of locating objects buried under the ground. You will find rubies and other valuable items using the detector. John’s Goods will have the Metal Detector for sale. The Metal Detector is available for 7,000 Dinks. You’ll also need a shovel if you locate anything using the Metal Detector, so make sure you have one on hand.

Metal Detector Dinkum

How to Get Metal Detector in Dinkum

To be able to buy a metal detector in Dinkum, you need to establish John as a permanent vendor in the town by completing the quest named “Convince John to Stay.” After which he will open a shop that you can visit and purchase the metal detector from him.

convince john to stay dinkum

How to use the Metal Detector 

If you don’t already own a metal detector, you’ll need to go to John’s shop and get one.

After buying the Metal Detector, you can equip it from your inventory. To use the Metal Detector in Dinkum you need to press and hold the left button. You will hear a beeping sound once your Metal Detector is active.

Now you need to move around the map to find hidden treasures and items in the ground. As soon as the Metal Detector detects any hidden object, the beeping sound will get louder, and you need to move in direction of the sound. This will lead you to the buried items in Dinkum. 

metal detecting dinkum

 Another hint for this is, that as soon as you detect anything in the ground, you’ll notice a rise in the beeping volume and a green circle light illuminating the square on the ground.

You may now use your shovel to dig the area and get the buried objects. Use the same strategy to search the whole region for some enigmatic and very unusual prizes!

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