Dinkum: Where to Find Palm Trees & Wood

dinkum palm trees wood location

Dinkum has a variety of tasks for you like metal detecting, farming and others. One of these tasks is finding Palm trees in order to get Palm wood. However, they aren’t easy to find as the game doesn’t tell you their exact location. Wandering the whole island in search of Palm trees is a hard task considering the fact that this resource is scarce.

But don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find the location of Palm trees on Dinkum’s map.

Palm trees are extremely important to find in Dinkum because you use Palm wood to build a lot of things. It’s possible to turn Palm Wood into Palm Wood Planks, for example. Once you’ve obtained these planks, you’ll be able to start building. 

However, you must first locate some Palm Trees in order to get them. Here is a list of places where you may find them.

Dinkum: Palm Trees and Wood Location

You can find palm trees in Dinkum just above your base near the beaches in the tropical biome. In terms of the map location, you are guaranteed to find palm trees located on the North Eastern edges of the island.

If you’re in the tropical biome, the minimap will show green patches of land. It’s simple to discern since the majority of the Dinkum’s landscape is made up of desert. There are a lot of palm trees in the tropical biome, as well as ferns and various shrubs.

To get palm wood in Dinkum, you need to go to the tropical biome and chop Palm trees to get the Palm wood. You will need an axe to chop the palm trees. As soon as the palm tree is down, you may gather the wood and utilise it in a variety of creative ways.

To make palm wood planks, bring them back to your base and set them on the woodcutter.

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