Dinkum: All Tele Towers Location and Activation Guide

dinkum tele tower guide

You might have seen a tower when you first started playing Dinkum. That’s because it is where the game starts. However, there is no guide or info about the tower. But fortunately, I have discovered how you can make these work and the location of all the towers.

In this guide, you will know how to activate the Tele Towers in Dinkum and the location of all the Tele Towers.

Dinkum: How to Activate the Tele Towers

To activate the Tele Towers in Dinkum, you need to place the following items in the tower:

  • Green Board 3x
  • Hot Cylinder 2x
  • Smooth Slate 1x
  • Bright Wire 8x
  • Shiny Disc 1x

After you place the items if you stand in the middle of the Tele Tower it will glow. If you have activated only a single tower nothing will happen only the tower will glow. If you have activated multiple towers a map will open where you can choose to teleport to another tower.

Dinkum: All Tele Tower Locations

In Dinkum, there are a total of four Tele Towers. Each tower is located on each pole of the map. Hence the tower locations are:

  • North
  • East
  • West
  • South

What are the Tele Towers Used For

You can use the Tele Towers to teleport from one part of the map to the other in no time. Hence the name Tele which is short for teleportation. It is the fastest way of traveling especially from one biome to the other.

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