Dinkum Iron Bar: Where to Get Iron Ore and How to Smelt it

dinkum iron bar

In Dinkum, there are three types of Ores, copper, tin, and iron. Iron is by far the hardest one to get. And because of its difficulty and rarity, you can make the best tools and items using Iron Ore and Iron Bars.

Dinkum: How to Get Iron Bar

Step 1: Get Basic PickAxe 

As soon as you are able to get the basic pickaxe to go and buy it from Fletch.

Step 2: Mine Copper Ores

You need to mine copper ores in order to get Iron bars later on. The reason behind this is that you need enough mining experience to unlock Copper Pickaxe.

dinkum copper ore tin ore

Step 3: Get Copper PickAxe

After getting enough mining experience and being a level 5 Miner, you will be able to buy Copper Pickaxe from Fletch.

Step 4: Mine Iron Ore

Once you have the Copper Pickaxe you will be able to mine Iron Ore deposits in Dinkum.

Step 5: Smelt Iron Ore in Furnance

Buy Furnace from John’s Shop and insert Iron Ore inside it. Iron Ore will get converted to Iron Bars, and that’s how you get Iron Bars in Dinkum.

dinkum furnance john

Remember that Crude Furnance that you can craft yourself can not smelt Iron Ore, it can only smelt tin and copper ores.

Where to Find Iron Ores in Dinkum

1. Desert

You can find Iron Ore deposits in the deserts of Dinkum. The Iron Ores will be huge rock deposits, unlike the Copper and Tin Ores you find. You need a Copper Pickaxe to be able to mine Iron Ores.

dinkum desert iron ore

2. Deep Mine

The second place where you can find Iron Ores is the Deep Mine. Deep Mine will give you access to unlimited ores including the rarest Iron Ore. However, the Deep mine is difficult to explore because of its risks. Hence it is recommended to go through the in-depth guide before accessing the Deep Mine. For the guide refer to this article: Deep Mine In-Depth Guide.

dinkum deep mine loot

3. Water

Did you know that you can find Iron Ore in the water as well? Simply jump on the huge rocks that you can see poking out of the water. Once you are on the rock start swinging your pick axe! This will give you Iron Ore!

dinkum iron ore water

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