Dinkum: Where to Find Mangrove Sticks | Guide

dinkum Mangrove Stick locations

In Dinkum Mangrove Sticks are an extremely important resource that you need to find. Using a Mangrove stick you can craft a lot of stuff. One of the most important craftable items in Dinkum is an Animal Trap which you can build using Mangrove sticks. However, finding these isn’t easy as this resource is only found in certain locations.

dinkum mangrove stick

Dinkum: Mangrove Stick Locations

As you know that in Dinkum the map is random and will be different for everybody there isn’t a certain location that one can point out. However, you can use the mini-map to find the location of these by using the following hint:

In Dinkum, any dark brown tiles/patches along the water will have Mangrove Trees or Shrubs, which you can chop down to get Mangrove Sticks. A Mangrove Tree will get you more Mangrove Sticks as compared to Mangrove Shrubs, so it is better to chop the trees.

You can use the below images for a reference to what color and location I am talking about.

Mangrove Stick Locations

Remember that you need have a Logging Licence that can be bought for 250 Permit Points. Visit Fletch to buy the permit. Also, you need a Basic Axe which you can get from John for 1000 Dinks. 

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