Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder | Easy Guide

dinkum stone grinder guide

Dinkum is a superb game with a lot of things for you to do. If you get started with mining, you will soon realize that you need a Stone Grinder as well. Stone Grinder is an important item that you will need to perform various tasks.

Stone Grinder Uses

You can use the Stone Grinder in Dinkum to get valuable materials out of big rocks or turn regular rocks into cement which is superb. Now you can make more money and construct better buildings!

Also, you can get extra Permit points based on the number of times you use the Stone Grinder:

  1. Stone Grinder used 10 times – 100 Permit Points
  2. Stone Grinder used 50 times – 100 Permit Points
dinkum stone grinder

Dinkum: Getting Stone Grinder Guide

Step 1: Help John Set Up a Permanent Shop

You need to complete the quest named “Convince John to Stay.” After doing so John will get established as a permanent vendor in the town.

Step 2: Get a Mining Licence

Go to Fletch at the camp’s main gate and buy the Level 1 Mining License, which costs 250 Permit Points. After doing so, John’s shop will now sell Basic Pickaxes for 1200 Dinks with this licence.

Step 3: Go to John’s Shop and Buy the Stone Grinder

Go to John’s and buy the Stone Grinder, which costs 10,000 Dinks.

dinkum stone grinder price

To use the Stone Grinder in Dinkum, simply place it somewhere. Now go on your mining adventures and gather as many stones and rocks as you can. Once you return, place everything inside the Stone Grinder. You can get valuable resources from big rocks or turn stones into cement.

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