Extremely small JavaScript games under 140Bytes that you can play


Recently we covered the JSK13 competition and compiled a list of seven amazing games featured in it. These games had to be in JavaScript and less than 13Kb in size, which is pretty restricted, but what if you could make the size smaller? The size difference here is not of a couple of kilobytes. The games we are going to talk about are less than 1 KiloBytes because of the method called JavaScript golfing. Hence these are the smallest Javascript games you can play. 

These games were also a part of a competition called 140 Bytes, which has been discontinued for quite a while. 

Snake Game

The first game we are going to talk about is the snake game in 140 Bytes. This game has 136 characters and is 138 bytes in size. The game goes on in a loop, and you don’t have a high score. Nevertheless, you can guess the score by the snake’s length. Also, there are no boundaries or walls, which give the players a wider area to move through. The only way you lose is if the snake’s head touches any other part of the body. You can take a look at the code on GitHub, and the credits go to @atimb. The Javascript snake game under 140 bytes can be played at JSfiddle.


The name Tweetris was used by @aemeki because 140 bytes of code can be fitted into a tweet, and the game is like Tetris hence the name. This game has been criticized for not being accurate or the complete Tetris. However, it is still something to fit such a complex game in under 200 Bytes. It also shows your Highscore, which is a nice feature. Another thing to note is that this game can be decreased in size but at the cost of features. As this game was restricted to the size 140 thus it is the smallest in size and almost complete Tetris game.

Game of Life

Another submission by the GitHub user aemeki is Game of life. This is a zero-player game that means it plays by itself. It is based on Conway’s Game of Life evolution.

Smallest JavaScript Games Under 140KB

These were the smallest two games we could find, of course, earlier games were way smaller, but they wouldn’t run here, and besides, we are talking about Javascript games. 

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