6 Astounding Google Dino Hacks for the game you must try now

T Rex Game hack

Everyone has played the Google dinosaur game and tried the Google dino hack, well, at least everyone who has a bad internet connection. You can also play the dinosaur game with an internet connection too. The page displays a heartbreaking and frustrating error, “No internet,” but to ease our pain for a couple of minutes, we can play this game. This game was released in 2014 and is also known as T-Rex Game and Dino Runner. It is an in-built browser game. You would also be surprised to know that the Google dino hack exists, which I will explain here.

How to play chrome dinosaur game

Many still are unaware of Google Chrome’s T-Rex Game and how to play the chrome trex game which is quite simple. Just open a new tab and type in “chrome://dino/” in the address bar without the commas. You will see a screen with a dino above the text Press space to play. Pressing the spacebar will make the Google dinosaur land onto a platform and will start running. It is an offline game.

Google dinosaur navigation/controls are the spacebar and Up and Down arrow keys. Space bar makes the t-rex jump and same thing happens when you press the Up arrow key. The down arrow key is used later on in the game when you have to duck under Pterodactyls. Earlier in the game you will have to jump over cactuses and later on Pterodactyls will be flying over. You will need to judge the height of Pterodactyls as they won’t always be high enough, sometimes you will need to jump over them.

The game is simplistic and yet fun to play. Google dinosaur game was created with the intent of killing time when facing internet issues. It does a pretty good job at that but at a certain point it becomes repetitive. Yet the feature which combats the repetitiveness is the day and night cycle in the Chrome dino game. The night cycle looks amazing with all the bright stars. Another thing to mention is the difficulty, the game gets difficult as you progress. Don’t let the simplistic nature fool you as the game is hard. Hard enough to make you wonder what is the ending of the Google dino game.

The answer to what is the ending of the Google dinosaur game is that it never ends. It keeps on going and after a certain score (maximum score), it will reset to 0. After it resets to zero the game will still be going on in an infinite loop until you lose. It is an endless runner game, you or anyone else can not beat the game because of this limitation but one can not even reach this high-score. You will need a bit of assistance (Google dino hack) to reach the high-score.

Google dino hack

How to hack dinosaur game in chrome

Don’t know how to hack t rex game? This game runs on your browser, and here I will teach you changing values using the devtools (developer tools). You can open the developer tools by pressing the F12 key or right-clicking and selecting the Inspect Element option. It will open the console tab where you can paste the codes written below. Here is a list of Google dino hack you will be able to do:

  • Gravity cheat
  • Speed cheat
  • Jump cheat
  • Immortal cheat
  • To play the run animation where the dino does not cover any distance
  • Chaos Mode

After pasting the command in console you will be playing the hacked Google T-Rex dinosaur game. Here are all the Google dino hack script and codes with their description that you can use to hack the game in minutes:

Gravity cheat

This Google dino hack code will let you tweak the gravity making your Chrome dino jump higher or lower. The default value is set to 0.6, which you can change but note that the higher the value lower the jump and vice versa. If your dino jumps too far and you need the t-rex to be back on the screen, click on the console tab. Consequently, this should pause the game, and when you click on the game screen, your t-rex should reappear.

Runner.instance_.tRex.config.GRAVITY = 0.01

Speed cheat

This is a Google dinosaur speed hack that lets you change the speed. The dinosaur t-rex game will give you a speed boost to the amount you write in between the brackets.


Jump cheat

Google dinosaur jump hack does similar to what the gravity hack does, except that your Trex comes down earlier than expected.


Immortal cheat

If you want your Google dinosaur to be immortal, type in these two lines and press Enter to see the results! This Google dino hack script makes your t-rex immortal, normally if you bump in a cactus or Pterodactyls will make you lose immediately. But using this Google dino hack script will make you go through the colliding object. How does it do that? Well, the code here removes the GameOver function which made the game stop and you had to reset after that. Bypassing using the game over method makes you immortal. The game over function is used in many games and can be bypassed the same way mostly by removing the game over panel.

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver
Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

To get mortal

This does not hack t rex game as it is switching your game to normal mode. This line switches your immortal t-rex to a mortal one.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

Intro cheat

This code line will put your dino into intro mode that makes your dino play the intro animation. Meaning that your dino will moonwalk.

Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true

To get out of intro

Reversing the intro cheat by simply typing false in front of the previous line. It does not hack t rex game because it pauses the Intro cheat hack.

Runner.instance_.playingIntro = false

Chaos Mode

Here is how to hack t rex game using Chaos Mode. Chaos Mode can not be described in a single line as this will make your dino super fast, and the dinosaur will jump automatically while the high score sound keeps playing. You need to test this yourself to see what it actually does.


Google Dino Game Variants

Did you know that there are many variants of the Google dino game? There are thousands of spin-off and variants of the Google Dino game, some include the modded/hacked versions of the original dino game. If you want to know about the best Google Dino game variants and want to try them then click here: Exciting Google Dino Variants!

Dino Game on Google Works on all Browser!

We usually refer to it as Dino game on Google and that is absolutely correct because Google is the creator of this game. However, often people forget that this game is available on many other browser including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others. However, you will need an internet connection to play Google dino game on other browsers because it will be via other third party websites that run the game.

Offline Dino Game

Yes, this is the offline dino game but only for those with Google Chrome. Other browsers do not have this game built-in unlike Google. Hence, the dino game works offline only on Google.

T rex games: Best of the best

As you all know the dinosaur in this game is a T-rex and if you search for any T-rex games then which game will be on top? The Google dino game will be on top because this t-rex game is one of the most popular ones due to multiple factors that we have already stated above.

The no internet game

All games need to be downloaded separately except this T-rex game because it is pre-installed with the Chrome browser. Hence, Google dino game is also known as the no internet game as well. There is no need to connect your laptop via WiFi to play this game. Simply open the browser, press spacebar and start playing!


All the Google dino hack present here are really amazing and you will enjoy using them. Don’t worry as all these are harmless and are will not get you or your Chrome dinosaur banned. Overall the game is fun if you have spare time or no internet connection but if you are thinking of impressing your friends with your high-score you might want to use the Google dino hack.

There is no reward or a congratulations message which makes it less satisfactory to play the game though. And there is no end to this game so if anyone has told you that they ended the Google dinosaur game, they are lying! The game has no end even if you use the Google dino hack mentioned above. You might also like to read “All Types Of Hackers you need to know (Expert Guide)“.

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