Green Hell Animal Husbandry: How to Catch, Keep and Breed Guide

green hell animal husbandry breeding guide

In Green Hell’s latest update players are able to catch, keep and breed animals. However, due to this being a brand new feature in the game many don’t know how this is possible. 

But you don’t need to worry as I will tell you how you can catch, keep and breed animals in this Green Hell’s Animal Husbandry Guide.

Green Hell: Animal Husbandry Guide

Step 1: Craft a Blow Pipe and Arrows

To catch animals you need to knock them out using a blowpipe and arrows. A Blowpipe can be crafted using two ropes and a long bamboo. As for the arrows you need a single fiber and a single bamboo stick to craft arrows.

green hell blowpipe arrow crafting

Step 2: Make Poison Darts

To make poison darts you need to build a Frog Stretcher and catch a live Poison Dart Frog to place in it. Once done you can grab your arrows and rub them on the frog inside the Frog Stretcher to make poison darts.

poison darts green hell

Step 3: Build an Animal Pen

After making poison darts and a blowpipe you will unlock the blueprint to build an Animal Pen in Green Hell. Here are the requirements to make an Animal Pen:

  • Long Stick 13x
  • Rope 13x
  • Stick 5x

Once you have all the ingredients place the Animal Pen wherever you like.

animal pen green hell

Step 4: Knockout a Breedable Animal

Now you need to knock out a breedable animal. You can do so by using a Blowpipe with Poison Darts. After the animal is hit it will take some time before it passes out.

Step 5: Take Animal to the Pen

After a breedable animal has passed out you can tie it up using a rope and carry it. You then need to carry it back to the Animal pen you built. Make sure the gates of the Animal Pen are closed or else the animal will run away.

blowpipe knockout animal

Step 6: Build a Feeding Trough & Water Trough

The animals inside your Animal Pen need food and water to survive otherwise they will die in a day or two. Hence, you need to feed them daily. For this, you need to build a feeding trough and a water trough. 

The Water trough fills itself up on rainy days and you won’t have to fill it up. When it isn’t raining you will need to fill it up. The Feeding Trough can be filled with any plant-based food that they can eat including a couple of flowers.

animal pen guide green hell

Bonus: Cassava bulls are the easiest way to fill your feeding troughs as compared to flowers and plants.

Step 7: Gain their Trust

Animals don’t start breeding right away. You need to build your trust with the animals inside your Animal Pen before they can start breeding. There are certain trust levels that unlock extra options and abilities.

animal husbandry guide

Animal Trust Levels and Breeding Level

  • 30% Trust Level: At this level, an animal won’t be scared when you come close to it.
  • 70% Trust Level: You will be able to pet the animals.
  • 90% Trust Level: You can call the animals to you by whistling.
  • 95% Trust Level (Breeding Level): At 95% your animals will start breeding and will have offsprings in four in-game days. A special animal will be shown on the animal’s info tab showing that it will give birth to an offspring in a few days.

Animal Husbandry Tips and Tricks in Green Hell

  • You also need to clean their pens regularly. This will increase the rate at which you gain their trust. However, not cleaning a pen will make them sick very quickly. If you harm an animal in an Animal Pen.
  • All the animals inside that particular pen will lose trust in you. However, it can be regained over time.
  • To check the stats of your animals go near them to see what they need.

Breedable Animals in Green Hell

You can breed the following animals in Green Hell:

  • Capybara
  • Tapir
  • Collared Peccary

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