Last Oasis: Where to Find Dinghy Schematics | Season 5 Guide

dinghy schematics guide

In the latest Season 5 of Last Oasis, a lot of people are having difficulties finding Dinghy Schematics. That’s because of some major changes which make it hard to find. However, you do not need to worry as I will help you find Dinghy Schematics in Last Oasis Season 5.

Last Oasis: Dinghy Schematics Location 

You can find Dinghy Schematics in camps near the medium tiles with mountains. You also need to make sure that the camp has a single ballista.

Once you find such a camp it is better to stay someplace where the Ballista can’t hit you because if you rush inside the camp you won’t just have to fight Rupus but the Ballista as well.

Last Oasis Dinghy Schematics Location

To be safe, simply make the Rupus run after you to a safe place where Ballista can’t hit you. Now you need to defeat all the Rupus before going after the Ballista.

Once Rupus are defeated you need to safely get under the Ballista. Now you will be able to climb the Ballista and kill the Rupus controlling the Ballista.

Where to Find Dinghy Schematics 

Now that you have defeated all the enemies you can loot all the different Dinghy Schematics in the camp. Here are all the lootable items that can give you the Dinghy Lootable Schematics:

  • Walker Totem near the Ballista
  • Basket inside camps
last oasis dinghy schematics

There are also tons of other items you will find in these camps as well:

  • Ash
  • Dirty Water
  • Rupu Vine
  • Fiber
  • Stone
  • Sharp Ammo
  • Fruit Pulp

This list does not include the items you will find from the bodies of Rupus.

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