Icarus: How to Tame Animals Easily

icarus animal taming saddle

In the latest Icarus update, players have the ability to tame animals. The tamed animals can be fed, and after some time, you can place a saddle and ride them. As the update is recent, players don’t know how to tame animals so let’s get right into it.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can tame animals in Icarus and how to ride them.

How to Tame Animals in Icarus

Step 1: Make a Space For Tamed Animals

Animals can be tamed in Icarus by providing them with a place to sleep and eat in safety. You will need the tier 2 technologies unlocked to be able to craft the animal bed, food trough, and water trough. Once you make these items at the crafting bench and textiles bench, place them down where you will keep the animals and fill the water and food troughs.

icarus animal taming requirements

Step 2: Make Food and Water Available

Use a filled water container on the water trough and fill the food trough with vegetables or berries. Next, go and find a baby animal and kill its parents. 

Step 3: Lead the Animal to Your Place

Go near the animal and press F to lead the calf to where you place the bed and feeding troughs. After some time the baby animal will mature, and you can place a saddle on them giving you the ability to ride them. 

icarus animal taming

Tameable Animals in Icarus

Currently, you can tame two different mounts the Moa and the buffalo in Icarus. The buffalo has more inventory slots having six with a saddle and 20 with the Buffalo pack. The Moa moves faster but only has a maximum of two slots. Both mounts have 100 kilograms of weight capacity the only difference is inventory slots and speed.

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