Bonelab: How to Unlock All Secret Avatars

bonelab secret avatars

Bonelab is a VR game and the best thing about VR games is character customization. There are tons of avatars you can unlock via missions but there are also hidden avatars you can have. The hidden avatars you can unlock in Bonelab include Nullbody, Jimmy, Mage Skeleton, and more.

In this guide, I will show you how to unlock all secret avatars in Bonelab.

How to Unlock All Secret Avatars in Bonelab

Here are all the unlockable avatars and how you can unlock them in Bonelab:


Go to the 04 Parking area and there you will find a dumpster. Open the leftmost lid of the dumpster. Reach out and grab the Nullbody avatar then rip apart the cube to unlock it.

Initially, you won’t be able to see anything inside the dumpster. Still, you have to take your hand and reach out to the edge of the dumpster and get the ball out of it.

bonelab nullbody
Nullbody Avatar

Duck Season and Hover Junkers

You can unlock tons of avatars if you go to the 06 Mods area in the Hub. Select Downloads in the Mod menu and click on the Select Chaos option. Now go to approved mods and click on both options Duck Season Avatars and Hover Junkers. 

After doing so you will have unlocked all of the Dunk Season and Hover Junkers avatars in Bonelab. The Duck Season avatars you will get from the mods are:

  • David
  • Mom

The Hover Junkers avatars you will unlock from the mod menu are:

  • Female Pilot
  • Gunther
  • Lone Wolf
  • Male Pilot
  • Robot Pilot

Jimmy (The Big Anomaly or Jay)

Go near the elevator which is present near the 02 Arena area. On top of the elevator, you will see an avatar ball that contains Jimmy . To unlock Jimmy rip the ball with your hands and you will have unlocked him.

bonelab jimmy
Jimmy Avatar


To unlock Ford in Bonelab you need to go to the Boneworks box store and get on top of the right ledge. On the ledge, you will see an avatar ball which you can open to unlock Ford for you.

Omniprojector NPC

The Omniprojector NPC avatar ball is inside the Gun Range. To go there you need to head to the 03 Sandbox area, interact with the door and select the Gun Range. Once in there head over to handgun range and keep going straight down the hallway.

At the end of the gun range, you will start to get behind the shooting range target area. On top of the first shooting range’s roof, you will find the Omniprojector avatar.

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