Last Oasis Flint: Best Location to Find and Get it

last oasis flint

In the latest season five of Last Oasis there are a lot of resources to find including Flint, which is the most common item required to craft tons of items. However, as everyone might think, Flint isn’t common and is not found everywhere.

But you don’t need to worry as I will tell you the most common places where you can find Flint in Last Oasis.

Last Oasis: Best Location to Find Flint

The best location to find Flint in Last Oasis is the center of the maps, no matter if that is Canyon or Cradle. You need a Pickaxe to mine them. 

last oasis flint location

You can easily identify Flint because of the black and grey color that looks like ash. These rocks will always be cut in half, and the inner part of the rock will be grey and golden in color. Each Flint rock gives you about 15-18 Flint and some stone as well.

Also, if you don’t know, in the latest update you can have Permanent Schematics! Although not all Schematics are permanent but a lot of the basic schematics can be made permanent. Read more about how to do this: Last Oasis Permanent Schematics Guide.

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