Cult of the Lamb: Best Names For Your Cult

cult of the lamb names

Cult of the lamb is a new game where you have to start a cult full of false prophets and propagate your message to become the only authentic cult in the world.
The game starts with the player choosing their cult name. However, before you do so it is best to be prepared otherwise you will be stuck for the whole game with an unfitting name.

Best Names For Your Cult in the Cult of The Lamb

1. Names Related to Lamb

  • Lamb of God
  • Praise the Lamb
  • Cult of Baaa
  • Cult of the Fluff
  • The Lord’s Sheep
  • Cult of Wooloo
  • Praise be the Sheep
  • Lamb Sauce
  • Silence of the lamb
  • God-Flocking Lamb it
  • Cult of Black Sheep
  • Flock of God
  • For the Wooly One
  • Bogey Wooly Woo
  • Ewe God-lambed animals
  • The Doomsday Flock
  • The Fleece Corps
  • One True Lamb
  • War and Fleece
  • We Wool Flock Ewe
  • The Children Of Lamb
  • The Unholy Flock
  • The Forsaken Flock
  • The Herding Death
cult of the lamb names

2. Scary Names For Cult

  • Cult of Ghosts
  • Hail the Dark One
  • The Devil Ewe Know
  • The Doomsday Flock
  • Followers of Grim
  • God Bless Ewe
  • Children of Doom
  • Band of Doom
  • Band of Purgatory
  • The Wicked Divine
  • Cult of the Lost
  • Healers of Flock
  • Creed of Regret
  • Emissaries of Ghosts
cult of the lamb scary names

3. Defying Names

  • Messengers of Light
  • The Diligent Order
  • The Wicked Harbingers
  • Revengers Fleet
  • The True Cult
  • The Defying
defying cult of the lamb names

4. The Right Cult

  • The Storm Order
  • Cult of Balance
  • The False Oracles
  • Cult of Defiance
  • Order of Defiance
  • The Honest Creed
  • Oracles of Atonement
cult of the lamb true names

5. Decent Names

  • Messengers of His Return
  • The Marked Harbingers
  • Oracles of Order
  • The Quiet Cult
  • The False Creed
  • The Divine Paragons
  • The Bright Order
  • Creed of the Abyss
  • The Sleeping Paragons
  • The Mysterious Oracles

6. Funny Cult Names

  • Sheep Cult Simulator
  • Cult of Baaa
  • Bogey Wooly Woo
  • The Baaad Ones
  • Flock of Cottoncandy
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Lamb Sauce

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