Medieval Dynasty VR Announced: Port coming as soon as 2023!

medieval dynasty vr coming soon

There are more than 20,000 votes and 90% positive for Medieval Dynasty on Steam, making it one of the most popular and fancied PC games. The game is set in a medieval world and centered on survival, crafting, and running a settlement.

During an interview with the Polish magazine IBSTech, the CEOs of the firms involved stated that a virtual reality spin-off of the famous game is now under development.

Medieval Dynasty VR will be much more than a mere port

A whole new experience, not just a mere port, will take place in Medieval Dynasty VR. Damian Szymanski, CEO of Render Cube, and Pawel Sobik, CEO of Spectral Games, both stated this in an interview. The VR version was developed by Spectral Games.

Situated in a different time and place, it is meant to retain the spirit and original concept of the Medieval Dynasty. For example, trees will not fall by themselves, but only if the virtual axe is used in the correct way. The trunk of the tree might gravely hurt you if you don’t chop it appropriately.

Untitled design 1

There has now been a successful conclusion to the pre-production phase of the project, according to Sobik. The game’s fundamental principles and the first section of the main map should be completed by now. According to Szymanski and Sobik, Medieval Dynasty VR is a blend of Green Hell VR and A Township Tale, with its own distinct atmosphere.

Recently, a PC co-op mode was unveiled. It’s not yet clear whether the VR game may be played with other people. The PC version’s trailer provides you with a good idea of what to expect from the game.

Medieval Dynasty Support for Quest 2, PSVR 2 and SteamVR

Quest 2’s native implementation will be available in the first quarter of 2023 as stated in their interview with ISBtech, which is quite early for an open-world game of this stature.

We managed to optimize most of the graphics and create systems efficient enough to face the challenge of the “Open World” game on Meta Quest. So far, we are very pleased with the results.

Sobik – President of Spectral Games

Adapting and then reducing the visuals in Cities: VR was the most recent example of this failing. In the case of Quest 2, a more simplistic graphics style is typically required, but it doesn’t imply it has to be awful graphics. Several Quest games have shown the power of a basic yet consistent visual design in creating believable and dynamic settings.

An open-world PC game converted to full virtual reality is another mission altogether, and it will be fascinating to see how successfully the creators manage to mix the visually rich and intricate setting with the restricted capacity of the Quest 2.

There is a reason why Render Cube, the firm behind the first game, now owns 25% of Spectral Games.

We are certain that deeper collaboration would enable us to develop the finest quality output.

Damian Szymanski – CEO at Render Cube

There should be fewer issues with the latter version for PC VR headsets — and this will be played through Meta Link / Air-Link on the Quest 2. Finally, Medieval Dynasty VR is expected to be launched on Playstation VR 2 in the future. It’s not certain when the event will take place: As of right now, there’s no word on when Sony’s new VR headset will be available.

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