Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Endgame Build

mh rise sunbreak build

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a tough game, and you need great builds for you to make slaying bosses easier. As the game progresses, you will face harder-to-beat bosses, and you must face them in order to progress the story and get great loot. However, the build I have found out can also survive in the endgame.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Endgame Build 

Remember that for this build, you need to be at least Master Rank 4. What you need to do is go to the Blacksmith and forge the following items listed. For the armor you need:

  • Ingot Greaves X
  • Anjanath Coil X
  • Lunagaron Helm
  • Lunagaron Mail
  • Lunagaron Braces

For the Ingot Greaves X leggings you don’t need to farm that much, the resources required to forge this aren’t that rare. For the Anjanath Coil X you need Anjanath Mantle which is uncommon and you will need to grind for it. For the Lunagaron Helm (headpiece) you will need Lunagaron Frost Jewel which is the rarest drop of the Lunagaron and it will be the most difficult item you will have to farm.

For the weapons you have a lot of options but the one that I fancied the most is the Gore Magala sword and shield. The Gore Magala has many sets in it, you could go for for Sucher-Ankh, Sucher-Ankh+ or even Le Detecteur.

The Rise Sunbreak Endgame has a specific criteria for your talisman. It can be anything as long as you have two Lv 2 slots for weakness exploit.

rise sunbreak endgame build

Using this build your status skills should be similar to this:

  • Attack Boost Lv 5
  • Agitator Lv 5
  • Critical Eye Lv 5
  • Critical Boost Lv 3
  • Weakness Exploit Lv 3
  • Quick Sheathe Lv 2
  • Wirebug Whisperer Lv 2
  • Water resistor Lv 1
monster hunter rise sunbreak endgame build

Your attack should be around 340 with 40% affinity and a whopping defense stat of 595. This Rise Sunbreak build is extremely overpowered and will help you glide through the master rank difficulty bosses and even the endgame.

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