Cuphead DLC: How to get the Divine Relic | Guide

Cuphead divine relic

To swap weapons by sprinting and profit from the advantages of numerous charms at once, Cuphead’s Divine Relic is the most powerful charm available in the game. However, there is a huge price to pay. Firstly, you’ll need to solve a riddle, and then you’ll face a succession of difficult bosses with a huge debuff.

When used properly, this charm makes the game a whole different experience, and it even plays music when you wear it. To obtain the Divine Relic, follow the instructions in this guide.

How to get the Divine Relic in Cuphead

Unlocking the Cursed Relic is the first step to obtaining the Divine Relic. As I said in our Broken Relic guide, there are a number of relics to keep note of in this area. Here’s what you need to do get the Divine Relic in Cuphead:

  1. Buy the Broken Relic from the shop.
  2. Solve the graveyard puzzle with the Broken Relic equipped as your charm.
  3. Use the Broken Relic to defeat the occult Angel and Demon boss.
  4. The Broken Relic will turn into Cursed Relic.
  5. Now defeat 5-13 bosses to get the Divine Relic.

After you defeat the Angel and Demon Boss the Cursed Relic will be created out of the Broken Relic.

Note: It is unclear how many number of bosses you need to defeat because for many players the number of bosses randomly varies.

cuphead divine relic dlc

Cursed Relic is a charm that restricts your HP to 1 and randomly switches weapons and charms as you dash or stop shooting which makes even the most difficult monsters even more difficult. Also, the Cursed Relic lowers your HP down to 1 and it only increases if you parry. To get the Divine Relic, you’ll need to defeat a number of bosses while wielding this item. After you get the Divine Relic you will unlock the Paladin Achievement.

According to some reports, you may need to defeat five bosses from the base game and two bosses from the DLC at the same time, meaning the number of bosses you have to battle changes based on whether or not you fight the DLC bosses, base game ones or a combination of both. However, some people have to fight more than ten and some even had to fight thirteen bosses to get the Divine Relic.

Your progress will be shown by a changing picture of an eye on your charm, which appears as you fight monsters. To make things even simpler, you’ll be able to pick and choose which of the DLC and base game bosses to take on.

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