Omega Strikers: What Characters to Choose & Train Guide

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Omega Strikers is a fast paced Rocket League-ish football game where you play as a character with unique abilities. You may choose from a wide variety of playable characters, each with its own special set of skills. The roles of the many Omega Strikers characters are unclear in this light.

Complete Omega Strikers Characters Overview, Abilities & Trainings

Omega Strikers gives each playable character the main ability, a secondary ability, and a unique ability. It is impossible to change the course of a game or advance the ball around the court without these. The ball may be moved with them, but they can do damage, boost stagger, help teammates, hurt opponents, and more. Listed here are all of the playable heroes and villains in Omega Strikers with their recommended trainings:


omega strikers Estelle

Difficulty to play: Easy

Usually, the front position is where Estelle would be used. The best Estelle trainings are mostly a matter of personal opinion since everything on the orange page is fine. You should aim for level 10 by competing for orbs during prime time. A good way to rack up points is with the ultimate.

Recommended Estelle Trainings (Forward): Missile PropulsionRapid FirePrimetime

Estelle is a pro at hiding in the background until the perfect moment to swoop in and score. The primary method for netting goals should be Piercing Shot. Carefully time your usage of it, and you’ll be able to snipe the center and force your way through. You may use Rose Warp to evade assaults and close the gap to the center, all while doing damage to your foes in the area. Crystal Thorns is excellent for hitting a large area of foes and their cores when pinpoint accuracy is less crucial.

Alternate Recommended Estelle Trainings (Forward): Piercing Shot, Rose Warp, Crystal Thorns


omega strikers era character

Difficulty to play: Easy

With a tank like X, Drek’ar, or Juliette, Era is used as a supporting forward. A good usage for era swarm is to put pressure on the opposing goaltender while also securing orbs. The shatter ray may be used to reduce the size of your opponent’s character, slow them down, or increase their strength. In a pinch, you can score with a shrink ray, so keep that in mind.

The rune page you’re looking at is the standard rune page, however, I find that the cooldowns on the other rune page are far more convenient than the super surge benefit on the speed boost.

Recommended Era Trainings (Support Forward): CrossoverCast to LastSuper Surge


omega strikers character x

Difficulty to play: Easy

X is intriguing since he is focused on close-range combat. This makes him an ideal forward, as he can both threaten the defense and attempt shots on goal. If you want to clear a large space around you and push your opponents back, Bell Ringer is your best bet. This creates a great opening for Bull Rush, allowing you to quickly charge forward and strike the heart of your opponent. X’s unique ability, X Maximus!, makes him bigger and stronger, giving you an advantage in the front position.

Recommended X Trainings (Forward Attacker): Bell Ringer, Bull Rush, X Maximus!

One may say that X is mostly a forward-focused killer. Newer players should try him out if they enjoy his playstyle since he’s easy to control.

Any red trainings from X will do, and this character is fine to get you started in Omega Strikers.

Alternate Recommended X Trainings (Forward Attacker): Heavy HandedTempo SwingBuilt Different


omega strikers Drekar character

Difficulty to play: Medium

Drek’Ar is an excellent striker because he can take out defenders without necessarily scoring goals. As a result of his Xeno Cloak ability, Drek’Ar is able to sneak about the arena unobserved. This makes his close-range finisher, Lock and Load, that much more lethal and effective. Last but not least, Molten Bolt is fantastic for stalling off foes and allowing you to advance, ideally toward an undefended objective.

Recommended Drek’Ar Trainings (Forward Attacker): Lock and Load, Xeno Cloak, Molten Bolt

Alternate Recommended Drek’Ar Trainings (Forward Attacker): Prime TimeHeavy HandedCast To Last


omega strikers Kai character

Difficulty to play: Easy

Kai is a fantastic forward choice in Omega Strikers because of his speed and explosion. His ability “Blazing Pace” grants him haste, allowing him to move swiftly around the arena. Barrage is effective both up close and far away, letting you fire many missiles at once to penetrate the enemy’s defenses. Kai’s special move, Giga Blast, fires a gigantic missile capable of doing significant damage and knocking foes away from its place of origin. This will clear the way, allowing you to easily make the save or score the goal.

Recommended Kai Trainings (Forward): Barrage, Blazing Pace, Giga Blast

Kai may be used in goal, but against goalies with poor range, he shines as a scoring forward. The training pages on Kai goalkeeper are quite adaptable, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Recommended Kai Trainings (Goalie): CrossoverMissile PropulsionBuilt Different


omega strikers atlas

Difficulty to Play: Medium

Most players take on the role of Atlas, a goalkeeper. Remember that your ultimate is primarily meant to revive fallen teammates, and strive to cast it just in time to save them. Your expanse has a long cast time, thus you should use it as quickly as possible.

Recommended Atlas Trainings (Goalie): Built Different, Crossover, Creator of Durable Things

Please use this other rune page if you find yourself needing to resuscitate often. This may be useful when facing up against comps with a heavy emphasis on killing.

Recommended Heal Focused Atlas Trainings (Goalie): Built Different, Crossover, Extra Special


omega strikers Juno

Difficulty to Play: Easy

If Juno is playing defense, she may put up several blobs that not only function as shields but also throw the core back the opposite way, also making her a formidable goalkeeper. You may use Friend Fling to launch a blob into the air and defend your objective from a safe distance. 

You may drop a blob in your area and travel short distances swiftly using Blob Bounce. Last but not least, Make It Rain is a potent weapon when the enemy is closing in on your objective since it rains a blob for each foe in the vicinity.

Recommended Juno Trainings (Goalie / Defender): Friend Fling, Blob Bounce, Make It Rain

Juno often takes on the role of a forward, as she strives for goals and ball possession. However, her slime toss is extremely effective in killing dazed opponents.

Remember that the direction your slimes will strike the ball depends on how hard you push your strike. Remember that you have the ability to attack while in mid-air thanks to your jump’s invincibility. Each target in the ultimate, including the core, also generates a slime.

Recommended Juno Trainings (Forward): Rapid FireCreator of Durable ThingsCrossover


omega strikers dubu character

Difficulty to Play: Easy

Dubu is, without a doubt, one of Omega Strikers’ top goalkeepers. Dubu’s whole arsenal is oriented toward keeping the enemy at bay and safeguarding the objective. Bamboozle may create a tiny shield by obstructing the core. Dubu’s unique ability, Tofu Fortress, generates a much bigger wall that is helpful for dodging incoming fire. Somerassualt is a distance-closing technique that may also temporarily shock opponents.

Recommended Dubu Trainings (Goalie): Bamboozle, Somerassault, Tofu Fortress


omega strikers Luna character

Difficulty to Play: Medium

Luna’s equipment is best used in an offensive role, as well as a formidable goalkeeper who can push her opponents back. As well as flinging the core back, W.H.A.M.M.Y. may be used to blast an opponent who is closing up on the core from a distance. 

With B.O.O.S.T., you don’t have to stay in the objective zone to turn the tide against the opposing core. Luna’s C.R.A.T.E.R. special attack may be employed to defend two points of the objective at once.

Recommended Luna Trainings (Goalie): W.H.A.M.M.Y., B.O.O.S.T., C.R.A.T.E.R.

Recommended Luna Trainings (Forward Attacker): Heavy HandedUltrascopeExtra Special


omega strikers Juliette

Difficulty to Play: Medium

Most of Juliette’s skills not only inflict a lot of damage, but they also attack the core, making her a formidable forward and bruiser. When using the Fiery Fist, you may strike a large area and be rather careless with your aim. Closing the gap and providing the core a last push toward the goal are two of Flying Phoneix’s strong points. Last but not least, Flame Flurry is a devastating move that may take out or stun the other team’s core.

Recommended Juliette Trainings (Goalie): Fiery Fist, Flying Phoenix, Flame Flurry

There are three people and three characters on each squad, so it’s important to strike a balance between offensive, defense, and utility. If you want to win, you and your team need to choose characters who operate well together. Before settling on a favorite, you should check out all of the playable characters. In order to avoid being trampled in rated battles, this will help you understand and perfect each character’s kit.

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