Metal: Hellsinger Bringing Custom Music Modding Support

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Metal: Hellsinger is a fast-paced first-person shooter game that is Doom on steroids where you literally kill to the beat of the music. In this game, your actions like reloading, shooting, dashing, and everything needs to be in sync with beats to gain a higher score.

Metal: Hellsinger’s ear-splitting soundtrack isn’t merely there to add emphasis to your attacks as it is in Doom or Doom Eternal. Rather, it acts as the orchestra’s conductor as you unleash a barrage of carnage. Just like a heavier version of Pistol Whip, but with greater flexibility of movement. Fury allows you to boost the force of your assaults by synchronizing yourself with the double-kicked drum beats. The more you can continue a series of precisely timed blows, the more scores you accumulate.

In addition, the music begins each level with just the most basic instruments, adding more and more as you go through the level and culminating in full singing once your Fury is at its maximum. It serves as a thrilling climax to the mayhem. Maintaining this level of intensity during each mind-bending round of kill-spree karaoke requires a hard mix of rhythm and first-person shooter skills.

Metal: Hellsinger Custom Music Modding Support Coming to PC First

With all this said and experienced first hand it is safe to say Metal Hellsinger revolves heavily around music and beat syncing. As many requested and the devs obviously knew that a game focused on music should have custom song options. As hard as its integration sounds, the necessity and tailored experience with such a feature are undeniable.

Fortunately, the developers announced on Twitter that Custom Music Modding support is coming to PC! It doesn’t mean that Xbox and PlayStation players will not get this feature, but once the testing is complete on PC, it will be added to all other platforms.

Players will be able to choose their custom songs and go on a killing spree in Hell! Let us know in the comments which songs will try at least once with this!

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