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Download Pikmin Bloom on Android and iOS now!

Pikmin Bloom is released today, but it is not available for some in their App Store for iOS and PlayStore for Android. But don’t worry, as we have the Pikmin Bloom APK download link for Android and iOS.

How to download Pikmin Bloom on Android

Here is how you can download Pikmin Bloom on your Android devices from PlayStore:

  1. Go to Pikmin App.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. Login and Enjoy!

Here is the Pikmin Bloom APK download link for Android and method:

  1. Go to Google Drive.
  2. Open Android Folder.
  3. Download the APK.
  4. Install the APK.
  5. Login and Enjoy the game!

Note: If you have not allowed downloads/installs from unknown sources, then do it by going into the settings.

Pikmin download link
Pikmin Bloom APK

How to download Pikmin Bloom on iPhones

Here is how you can download Pikmin Bloom on your iPhone devices:

  1. Go to Pikmin App.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. Login and Enjoy!

Note: For iPhone users, there are no files to install like the APK method but we’ll update as soon as we find any.

For some users who can not go out of their homes, these games might be a challenge. But don’t worry as Pokemon GO Spoofers do the job. However, there are yet no spoofers for the Pikmin Bloom app but only the future will tell if we’ll get any spoofers for this as well.

Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go, made a surprising revelation that their previously anticipated Pikmin AR mobile game has arrived and will be accessible alongside the announcement trailer they released. Niantic’s founder and CEO John Hanke said at the end of the trailer that the game, originally known as Pikmin Bloom, will be accessible starting today. Here’s all you need to know about Pikmin Bloom.

Why can’t you download Pikmin from your stores?

The iPhone and Android versions of the mobile game will be available for download from the App and Google Play stores, respectively. While Hanke stated that the game will be ready today, the app has yet to be released in some areas. Instead, it will most likely be released over the following few days. When it does appear in your location, you’ll be able to discover it in the app store for your mobile device. It will first be accessible in Australia and New Zealand before gradually expanding to the rest of the world.


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