Revolve Games: The Latest Play-to-Earn NFT Blockchain Multiverse

play to earn blockchain game revolve games multiverse

Playing games now is on a massively new dimension thanks to a new play-to-earn game that enables gaining and generating cryptocurrency easier than ever. Revolve Games is changing the way DeFi staking is linked with blockchain gaming by launching a Metaverse in which players can earn greater rewards if they play well.

What is Revolve Games, and how you can earn by playing

Revolve Games is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform with a comprehensive gaming ecosystem set in a metaverse that is based on decentralized finance (DeFi). How can you earn with Revolve Games? Well, the actionable RPG stake tethered NFT assets earn rewards according to performance.

The Revolve gaming mechanics and token usefulness are supplied via the galactic metaverse of Revolve Games. The ecosystem’s NFTs are linked and represent an RPG (Revolve’s native token) stake. In other words, the NFTs must be returned to the staking contract in order for participants to withdraw the RPG staked. 

Staking contracts for NFTs may likewise be purchased and traded on the Revolve NFT marketplace. This architecture ensures that now the value of NFTs is only ever preserved within the native token and thus supports its value.

Revolve's NFT Character
Revolve’s NFT Character

Sandbox Metaverse

This is where the interesting part begins. The Revolve sandbox metaverse has a rich economy that allows players to buy land on planets, travel the metaverse through spaceships or teleportation portals, develop games, change the environment, rent land, and even monetize their areas. 

Now to talk about how players can get bigger rewards by playing better. High-tiered players will receive higher staking reward multipliers. Here are the key takeaways:

  • There are a total of three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 (ranked low to high). It means that Tier 1 is the highest tier.
  • A player with a lower score can also have no tiers. Their progression and bonus rewards start from Tier 3.
  • Tier 1 grants a multiplier of 2x, Tier 2 grants a multiplier of 1.5x, and Tier 3 grants a multiplier of 1.25x.
Revolve Metaverse's Tiers
Revolve Metaverse’s Tiers

An NFT symbolizes an RPG investment in the Revolve Ecosystem. An NFT cannot be kept by a wallet unless the wallet also has the NFT’s stake; the two are inextricably linked. Although the NFT is always bound to its stake, it may be moved or sold to other wallets via a staking contract transfer. 

Moreover, the NFT serves as a certificate that states: Whoever returns the NFT to the staking contract will be able to withdraw the staked amount. Tethering NFTs to a stake implies that the value of the NFT asset in the ecosystem is always based in RPG, and the user must stake the NFTs tethered stake in order to hold or enter the asset in gaming.

The NFTs in Revolve Games Metaverse

Like many other blockchain games that are based on NFTs, Revolve Games Metaverse also uses randomly generated traits. Moreover, these traits will have a rarity, and the higher rarity results in more advantages in the game. The NFTs will also have various classes like a Spaceship NFT will be different from a Teleportation Portal NFT.

Recently Revolve Games’ Token bridge went live. Users can swap RPG tokens between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Polygon network.

Assets, Economy, and Land

The inter-planetary metaverse of Revolve is a dynamic place. The Revolve metaverse is structured on a healthy, hustling, and bustling economy, with both ownable assets and assets tied to RPG stakes. Gamers are encouraged to invest their RPG tokens to fully enjoy the Revolve metaverse gaming experience.

You can explore the galaxy with your NFT tethered spacecraft, change the landscape, buy land on planets, and build your own custom games. NFTs that we talked about earlier included teleportation portals that allow you to spontaneously travel between your favorite set destinations in the metaverse.

As for the lands, the metaverse is made up of a finite number of planets. These finite number of planets host a finite number of land. This land can be bought, rented, or sold. The renter of a land stakes a specified amount of RPG in a rental contract, with the staking benefits accruing to the landowner.

You can check out their whitepaper, visit the official website and follow their Twitter to know more about this project. 

Here is Revolve Metaverse’s Ecosystem:

Revolve Metaverse's Ecosystem
Complete Map

The AAA galactic metaverse being developed by Revolve Games is being built cross-chain on Polygon and BSC. There’s a lot of excitement in the air since the metaverse version 1 MVP is set to arrive in Q1 2022. You can expect the tethered NFT asset creation option to be available by November. Its release will be followed by a card game that will enable you to combat your NFTs and begin leveling up and collecting staking boosters.

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