Saints Row GO-KART: How to Get Shifty From Hidden Location

saints row shifty

Saints Row 2022 Reboot brings us many vehicles, and one of these is a hidden Go-Kart known as Shifty that you can find in a specific location. All cars in Saints Row are great, but Shifty one ranks among the top ten fun ones.

You can get Shifty the Go-Kart at the start of the game like many other vehicles in Saints Row which is a bonus.

Go-Kart Shifty

The Go-Kart Shifty is a drivable vehicle in Saints Row that can be found in El Dorado. This car has Kneecappers as its special ability. 

How to Permanently Unlock Go-Kart Shifty in Saints Row

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Shifty the Go-Kart in Saints Row:

  1. Go to El Dorado
  2. Go to the Go-Kart Racing Track (A place with a circular track on the map).
  3. Head to the race track near the garage. 
  4. Get into the Shifty Go-Kart to drive it.
  5. Drive Shifty back to your garage.
  6. Once you enter the garage with the Go-Kart you will have unlocked it permanently.
saints row go kart shifty location


The Go-Kart Shifty is located only on the racing track, which can be found in the El Dorado area. You have to drive it back to the garage to unlock it.

Go-Kart Shifty Performance Stats

  • Max Speed: 42 OUT OF 100
  • Performance: 40 OUT OF 100
  • Durability: 34 OUT OF 100
  • Off-Road: 92 OUT OF 100
saints row go kart shifty

Shifty Signature Ability

In Saints Row the signature ability of the Go-Kart Shifty is Kneecappers. It can shred tires and ligaments on your command. It is a fun ability to use and is not found in other vehicles.

That’s all; now release your inner child and go launch your own go-kart across the streets. 

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