Across the Obelisk Sylvie: Unlocking, Decks & Upgrades Guide

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Across the Obelisk is an immersive card game with unlockable characters. One of the characters you can unlock in Across the Obelisk is Sylvie. As there are no guides in the game I am here to help you regarding Sylvie.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can unlock Sylvie, about her items, passives, deck building, and card upgrades in Across the Obelisk.

Sylvie’s exceptional damage scaling as a scout makes her a potent complement to any squad that needs to inflict a lot of damage.

How to get her, what gear and perks work best with her, and how to play her well are all covered in this tutorial.

How to Unlock Sylvie in Across the Obelisk

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Sylvie in Across the Obelisk:

  1. In Act 1 you need to navigate to the Forest Glade (The Moon Ritual) Common event. The event is present in the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose the Combat (center option) to fight the Elder Dryad who is guarding the moonstone.
  3. After defeating the boss you can choose either option. The option to Wait for the moon to set gives extra loot and the other lets you finish faster.
  4. Complete Act 1.
  5. Navigate to Blue Portal.
  6. Select the Owl Guardian Character Event (the depleted guardian) present in the center of the map with a face and exclamation mark.
  7. Select the Give option to unlock Sylvie.
across the obelisk sylvie

Sylvie’s Overview and Tips

Sylvie, a character from the Archer class, uses piercing and sight stacks. You should prioritize the choices under the Physical, General, and Elemental tabs while enhancing her abilities.

You should prioritize choices that increase her quickness and energy. It is vital for her skills and as well as her sight stacks when selecting general perks for her.

across the obelisk sylvie stats

You should max up her sharp in the physical category to prevent losing stacks every round and her total piercing damage.

The Elemental section of the interface is where you should focus your efforts, with the inspire and chill buttons receiving the most emphasis. 

Sylvie’s Item Pet

Sylvie in Across the Obelisk has a pet named Harley. Harley can hit opponents standing behind other enemies that you usually can’t reach. The bonus for having Harley is 2% additional resistance to everything.

Harley’s cast card is Bird of Prey which deals 3 Ranged damage and applies 3 Sight and 1 Bleed.

across the obelisk sylvie card deck

Sylvie’s Traits and Passive Ability

  • Innate (Level 1): Sylvie has passive skills that help you all the time. Her passive ability is Keen Sight. Keen Sight reduces the enemy’s pierce resistance by 0.5%.
  • Level 2: Target Shooting or Elven Agility
  • Level 3: Accurate Shots or Ranged Mastery
  • Level 4: Hawkeye or Double Shot
  • Level 5: Eternal Bond or Perforating Shots

Sylvie’s Initial Cards

  • Quick Shot 4x
  • Ice Shot 3x
  • Rapid Fire 2x
  • Camouflage 2x
  • Multishot 2x
  • Vigilance 1x
  • Falcon Shot 1x

Sylvie’s Recommended Deck Build

Add these cards to Sylvie’s Decks:

  • 1 Song of Celerity
  • 2 Vigilance cards
  • 1 uproot

Remove these cards from her deck:

  • 1 rapid fire
  • 1 multi-shot
  • 1 ice shot
  • 1 camouflage

Sylvie Card Upgrades

When upgrading Sylvie’s cards you need to prioritize leveling up camouflage to its maximum, lowering the mana cost of all fast shot cards, and leveling up your song of celerity and uproot cards. You should also use all of your ice shot cards to their maximum potential so that every shot you take, with the help of your traits, will impart a cold effect.

The best gear to prioritize is one which increases your damage or your sight stacks. You might also equip yourself with speed or defense-boosting equipment.

This was all for our Sylvie guide in Across the Obelisk game. If I have missed anything let me know in the comments.

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