Splatoon 3: Choosing the Best Weapon in The Start | Guide

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Selecting the proper weapon is crucial in the latest Splatoon game, which was released a few days ago. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be asked to choose a weapon for yourself, either on the basis of its visual appeal or the strength of its statistics.

Nonetheless, if you’re just starting out, you need to be careful to choose a weapon that will suit your needs. As you read this, you’ll know exactly which guns are worth your time and money.

Choosing Your First Gun in Splatoon 3 | A Comprehensive Guide

It’s important to remember that if this is your first time playing, you’re limited to using only one weapon at a time. You won’t have fun with the game if you choose the incorrect one.

splatoon 3 splatter shot

What kind of weaponry would you choose then?

Now, there are several types of weapons to choose from in the game, and you should choose one that fits your play style. In any case, if you are just starting off, I suggest the following:


The Splattershot is a fantastic firearm, capable of killing an enemy in three bullets. Furthermore, it is a versatile weapon that may be used to create works of art.

Its primary strength, however, is in killing, making it the optimal choice for players whose primary concern is with maximizing their kill count.

splatoon 3 splatter shot gun


It’s normal to be terrible at the game at first, as you’re only learning the basics. After all, it might take a long time to become good at shooting games. The Tri-Slosher fits the bill well. The weapon’s primary shot may be divided into three separate projectiles, making it rather unusual.

This function makes it simple to simultaneously attack a number of foes. Since all you have to do is point it towards the target, it’s also far less complicated to operate.

tri slosher splatoon 3

Spray MG Aerosol

The Aerospray MG is a great option if you’re looking for a gun that sprays a lot of colors. Its low power is reasonable given that it was created to swiftly paint surfaces.

Its special weapon, Shark Ride, however, is quite effective. Therefore, as long as the Aerospray MG’s special has been built up, it may be used in a variety of situations.

aerospray splatoon 3 weapon

N-ZAP ’85

Playing a support role in Splatoon 3 entails supplying your friends with perks that increase their chances of success in battle. Because of this, the N-ZAP ’85 is an excellent option for this part.

This is the best option for you if you want to help your comrades out in battle. It’s versatile, and it has respectable kill and paint stats.

In addition, its unique ability will provide you and your squad with a substantial bonus. When your squad is out there fighting, this is a great asset to have.

n zap 85 splatoon 3 gun

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