Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Sprout Boot for WALL-E

Disney Dreamlight Valley sprout boot wall e

WALL-E is a character in Disney Dreamlight Valley that tasks us with a lot of items which are usually garbage and other not-so-important things. One of the items that we need to find in the quest named The Shy Little Robot is Sprout Boot.

In this guide, I will tell you where and how you can get the Sprout Boot to complete The Shy Little Robot quest for WALL-E.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Shy Little Robot Quest Overview

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley has a lot of secrets to uncover, and we’ve now reached the stage where we have enough Dreamlight points to enter the Realms and see them for ourselves. The Wall-Realm E’s will be the focus of this tutorial. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley sprout boot wall e

The adorable robot collects garbage and is in need of a Track component. You fixed him up and planted Wall-unique E’s seeds in the Realm after retrieving Seeds and Track from the Storage. After that, you’ll have conversations with other NPCs and then go mineral ore mining for garnets in and around the settlement. 

Where to Find Sprout Boot in Disney Dreamlight Valley for WALL-E

Sprout Boot is found in one of the Meadow’s Ponds. You need a fishing rod and aim for the golden circles in order to get a Sprout Boot. When you’ve collected all the items transport the goods to Wall-E.

Disney Dreamlight Valley meadows pond

You should have a good decent amount of fishing experience in order to successfully get a Sprout Boot from the pond.

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