Splatoon 3: How To Get Tons of Super Sea Snail | Easy Guide

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Splatoon 3 is a shooting game played from the third-person perspective. Players have the option of controlling either an Inkling or an Octoling as their playable character. In Splatoon 3, Super Sea Snails serve both as a species and a kind of cash. These snails may be found in the game itself. Their primary purpose is to either add sub-ability slots to a piece of gear or reroll all three of a piece of gear’s sub-abilities. My guide will be of assistance to you in locating these Sea Snails if you have a difficult time doing so.

Continue reading our walkthrough to see how to get the Super Sea Snail in Splatoon 3!

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Splatoon 3: A Guide to Acquiring the Super Sea Snail

The Super Sea Snail is a unique kind of money that may be earned in the game in addition to your regular cash.

They may be put to use to increase the Star Power of your equipment by adding more ability slots, and they can also be utilized to re-roll the slots that you currently have.

It is also necessary to have Super Sea Snails if you wish to maximize the potential of a piece of gear by filling all of its available slots.

Obtaining a Super Sea Snail is a rather straightforward process. Participating in online Splatfests is the only way to receive them, and as you progress through the competitions, you will earn experience points that may be used to improve your Splatfest Rank.

The quantity of Super Sea Snails that you will earn at the conclusion of the game mode is directly proportional to the rank that you achieve. Those that prevail in the Splatfest competition will be rewarded with an additional supply of Super Sea Snails in recognition of their success.

Following the conclusion of a Splatfest, you will be able to exchange your Snails for other items at the many booths located around Splatsville. You are required to go and speak to Murch in front of the entrance to the Lobby, but he will only speak to you if you are at least level 4 when you do so.

Murch is able to increase the Star Power of any piece of equipment in return for Super Sea Snails; however, the number of Snails required to complete the process may increase depending on the piece of equipment.

Splatfests don’t happen very often, so you’ll want to make the most of every opportunity you have to spend your Super Sea Snails. You may use them to completely optimise a piece of gear, or you can use them to transform a piece of gear into something that is more useful.

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