Tower of Fantasy: Fiddlehead Pie Recipe and Ingredients’ Location Guide

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Tower of Fantasy’s Cooking station, a few ingredients, and some time are all you need to prepare a delicious Fiddlehead Pie. The locations of all the necessary ingredients and the recipe for Fiddlehead Pie are given below.

Among the most played action RPGs on mobile and desktop is Tower of Fantasy. Enjoy this game if you liked Genshin Impact.

The game’s vast content means there’s a lot to discover, from completing quests and tasks to fighting bosses and opponents to crafting tasty meals and more.

To fully appreciate Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to make use of the game’s massive map. If you’re going to be doing any kind of cooking in TOF, make sure you include some Fiddlehead Pie in the mix.

The recipe for the Tower of Fantasy Fiddlehead Pie is included in this tutorial. It’s simple to prepare and eat, so you can restore massive amounts of HP.

Tower of Fantasy Fiddlehead Pie Recipe and Ingredients

Fiddlehead Pie is a simple dish to cook in Tower of Fantasy, requiring just a few ingredients and the use of a Cooking station. Take a look at this list for everything you’ll need to cook Fiddlehead Pie:

  • Fiddlehead 2x
  • Brown Rice 2x 
tower of fantasy fiddlehead pie recipe

To prepare dinner, gather two fiddleheads and two brown rice and proceed to the kitchen. Place all of the ingredients for Fiddlehead Pie into the cooker after you’ve located the cooking station, then wait for a few seconds. This meal has a restorative effect of 10 satiety and 16% +34,000 health points when consumed.

Fiddlehead Pie Ingredients Location

Brown Rice Location

The Navia Region’s grasslands are the best place to get Brown Rice. You may find Brown Rice on the grassland near Navia Omnium Tower and Raincaller Island.

tower of fantasy Brown Rice Location

Fiddlehead Location

In Tower of Fantasy, Fiddlehead is abundant and easily found in the Banges area. After you’ve arrived in the area, travel to Banges Tech, the region’s scenic point, and the best site to find Fiddleheads.

tower of fantasy Fiddlehead Location

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