Saints Row Schooner: How to Get the Horse Cart and its Stats

saints row schooner

Saints Row has tons of secret vehicles you can unlock and one of these is the amazing Schooner. This horse cart is super fast and is one of the most fun cars to race around in the city.

In this guide, I will tell you how to get the Schooner horse cart in Saints Row.

How to Unlock and Get Schooner

The schooner is a magnificent automobile with a carriage drawn by two horses. By finishing the 12 Pony Express Side Missions shown on your map, you will quickly unlock Schooner. The characters Diamond, Julian, and Emilios serve as inspiration for this optional quest.

Before Emilios will show on your map, you must first finish the Pony Express side objectives involving Diamonds and Julians. Before you may get Diamond and Julian, you must first complete four Pony Express side tasks. You’ll unlock this optional quest after completing a few others first.

saints row pony express

When you’ve finished four tasks with Diamonds and four with Julians, Emilios will show up on your map with new assignments.

The Schooner will become available if you have completed all 12 objectives, four each for Diamonds, Julian, and Emilios. There’s a hidden automobile in your garage, and I’d want to see it.

Schooner Stats in Saints Row

  • Max Speed: 99
  • Performance: 38
  • Durability: 38
  • Off Road: 52

Schooner in Saints Row has Crab Steering as its Signature Ability that allows parallel parking and changing lanes a breeze. Pretty cool for a car right? 

saints row schooner

Schooner Equipment You Can Buy

  • Nitrous for $ 7500
  • Off-Road Kit for $ 7500
  • Towing Cable for $ 7500

Bonus Hidden Go Karts You Can Unlock

There are two Shifty Go Karts in Saints Row. The first one you can find near the race track is Shifty which is the basic Go Kart. The other one is Shifty 2 which can be unlocked by completing missions is Marshell Mk979.

If you want to know how to unlock the basic Shifty Go Kart as well read this: How to get Shifty in Saints Row! and most importantly you don’t want to miss out on Marshall Go Kart: How to unlock Marshall Go Kart!

Now go enjoy your Go Kart drifting!

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