Trik Spam Botnet: 43 Million Email Address Leaks 3 Years


Your email is quite likely to be included in a malicious spam hit list because of Trik Spam Botnet. According to Bleeping Computer, more than 43 million emails were stolen from a server of the Trik Spam botnet. 

Researchers discovered the breach while looking into the sources of the widespread propagation of a variant of the Trik Trojan. The harmful program is a standard malware downloader that is used as the initial stage in infecting people with GandCrab ransomware. The malware has been reported to lock systems and alter the backgrounds of compromised devices. The Trik Trojan also functions as an assembler, allowing it to mislead systems into joining the botnet.

The great majority of the emails were discovered on a misconfigured server run by the botnet’s hackers. Anyone with the IP address of the server in Russia has had access to the sensitive data stored on the Command and Control Server’s files. There is currently no proof that the Trik Spam information contained the stolen emails’ password. The Trik Spam botnet has been active for over a decade. The server has currently gone down.

Trik Spam Botnet hack

So why is this Trik Spam Botnet an issue in 2021?

Don’t be alarmed, but be aware that the likelihood of getting malicious emails is higher than ever. Multiple studies show that the risks are increasing day by day.

However, it is not the end of the world if you are the target of an email spam campaign. People often believe that such data breaches are limitless, and they are correct. However, there is no need to abandon the internet. There are a couple of ways to be secure from hacks and hackers.

Read the mentioned article and always stay wary of unidentified links, documents, and more. Also, make sure to take a look at the website have I been pwned? This website lets you enter your phone number and email to verify if your data was compromised. Follow us to stay safe online!

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