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When you gather a bunch of friends together, it’s a good idea to have some party games on hand, and Gartic Phone is an excellent choice. Up to 30 participants can create ridiculous prompts and try to draw them. The website updates the ancient telephone game for the digital era. So we are going to tell you how to play the thirteen Gartic Phone modes!

List of All Gartic Phone Modes

Gartic Phone is a web browser game that is absolutely free to play. The host only needs to create a room and distribute the link. When everyone is ready, there are 13 different game modes to try out. Some are unquestionably more amusing than others. So, which Gartic Phone modes will you attempt first?

Normal – Standard Game

The original game mode is what initially hooked people to Gartic Phone. It’s the perfect social game that everyone in the family can enjoy. There are no twists or tricks, unlike the other game types. You have a sufficient amount of time to complete each prompt and sketch your concepts without the game being too long.

The standard mode is the ideal one to start with for newbies. They’ll quickly grasp the game’s mechanics and realize why it’s so entertaining. Normal mode is a nice classic that you may return to time and again.


Solo – No Need of Friends

The solo mode is the most recent addition to the Gartic Phone modes game library. Solo mode allows you to create your own animation. You’ll have five frames to finish. Each round, you’ll see a faint outline of your previous design, allowing you to draw over it and make little modifications to move the animation forward.

The solo mode is the only game option in which you may play completely alone. However, you may still play with your buddies at the same time. When most of your buddies have done their turns, a timer will commence. After the five rotations are completed, everyone will have the opportunity to exhibit their work. You may also control the frame rate and whether the animation loops or only plays once. This mode is great for when you don’t have a large number of pals to join you but still want to play Gartic Phone modes because cooperation is half the fun.


Knock-Off – Test your memory!

Instead of rotating between drawing a prompt and explaining a drawing, you now doodle at every move in Knock-off. The problem is that after you’ve begun creating the picture, you can’t go back and look at the previous version. To replicate it, you must rely on your recollection.

Knock-off is a fun memory test. It is worth mentioning, however, that it can get monotonous. Drawings are less likely to alter dramatically, which reduces the excitement of seeing the final product.


Secret – Among Us Upside Down

In terms of originality, Secret may compete with Jackbox’s party games. You will never be able to see what you are doing throughout your turn. Your words will be filtered if you write a prompt. The screen is blank when you are sketching. These constraints make it difficult to sketch properly and grasp what your buddies were seeking to depict in the first place.

This is undoubtedly the most chaotic of Gartic Phone modes. Your inventions are likely to devolve into incoherent shambles. However, the turmoil is all part of the fun.


Animation – Team Project

Animation mode is one of the game’s newest innovations and has quickly become one of its greatest. There is no writing prompt. You start by sketching the first frame of an animation. A rough sketch of your drawing will be shared with the individuals listed below. They may trace over the image and make little (or major) modifications. The goal is to generate basic Gifs and produce a seamless transition.

In Animation mode, you’re attempting to collaborate to produce a unified project. This might be a difficult co-op experience as you try to figure out what the prior player was up to. However, when you see the finished product, it is quite fulfilling. Because you will only have contributed one frame to the whole animation, observing how each animation came out is always exciting. You may choose the tempo and loop of the final animations, just like in Solo mode.

animation gartic phone modes

Ice Breaker – Break the Tension

Ice Breaker is a lighthearted game mode that even non-gamers would enjoy. First, you all write a prompt as usual, but this time it is advised that you ask questions. For example, you may ask folks what their favorite movie is.

Following the selection of the questions, everyone will have the opportunity to draw the same prompts. The last stage is where this game mode shines. All of the drawings are exhibited, and you may then present and debate what you chose to create. This version has less of a game than the others but is great for getting to know one another.


Score – Run for the Money

Many drawing games, such as those included in vintage Jackbox Party packs, have a score or voting system to add some competition to the event. Gartic’s Phone’s attempt at such a system is the Score game mode.

A point is awarded each time you write or draw anything that corresponds to the preceding prompt. It’s unclear how the game evaluates whether or not your contribution matches the one before it, making the scoring system feel a little random. Although friendly competition might be thrilling, Gartic Phone doesn’t require it because the standard game mode is entertaining enough.


No Rush – Stressfree 

No Rush is ideal for folks who enjoy sketching and wish to create stunning graphics at every step. It’s the same as Normal mode, except the timer doesn’t start straight away, enabling you to sketch to your heart’s content and include details you might have overlooked in other game modes. No Rush mode may produce some amazing graphics.

There are several distractions that might occur when playing with pals online. No Rush relieves the stress of having to rush through your turn. This game mode does not completely pause the game. Once half of the group has submitted their drawing or question, a timer will be set to keep the game moving.


Speedrun – I am Speed

Speedrun takes the normal game mode, in which you must repeatedly draw or describe the preceding prompt, and adds a time constraint. This fosters speedier sketching and relieves players of the need to create a masterpiece.

This game style is ideal for playing a short game with your pals. However, the added strain of a shorter time restriction might detract from the game’s lighthearted pleasure. People are significantly more likely to run out of time in this game format, especially if distracted mid-game.


Sandwich – Recreate

Sandwich and Knock-off are quite similar. You are only permitted to examine the preceding image before beginning to sketch it. Sandwich includes a final written stage as a bookend to the event. It’s interesting to notice how the first prompt and the final estimate alter after a succession of duplicated drawings.

Like Knock-off, the game mode suffers from repetition. However, they are also worth experimenting with your group to see how well they can keep consistent with one another’s art.


Crowd – For Up To 30 Players

The crowd is the ideal game option for when you have a large group of individuals that want to join in on the chaos. Crowd mode is ideal for the 30 player capacity. This is beneficial for individuals who may be broadcasting the game to a much wider audience.

You will still draw prompts and explain artwork in Crowd mode. However, you will not be able to participate in every sequence. The crowd ensures that everyone can enjoy the game without it dragging on for much too long by using fewer turns and faster time restrictions. This is a wonderful option if you have a large group of buddies.


Movie – Teamwork

Movie mode is an expanded version of Animation mode. You’re still tracing over your friend’s previous artwork, but this time there’s no timer. It does, however, need that everyone is fair in their time commitments to ensure that it does not go on for too long. The extra time allows you to unwind, communicate with your pals, and collaborate. The most collaborative of the settings is in Movie mode.

You have twice as many frames to sketch. This enables more intricate animations to last longer. The first prompt for each animation will always appear at the top of the screen. This allows your group to talk about each project and figure out what the goal is. This results in significantly more consistent and engaging short films than the hurried Animation mode. You may slow down or speed up the final animations in the same way as you can in Animation and Solo mode. This is especially crucial in Movie mode since it allows you to choose the appropriate pace for each piece of work.


Custom – Make Your Own Rules

If the defaults aren’t quite right for you, there’s a custom settings option you may attempt instead. Everything about the game may be customized in this menu. You may set a timer to guarantee that no one has to rush or that they have an unlimited amount of time to draw. You get to decide how many rounds everyone gets and if those turns are merely for painting or if the game will include text or animation.

It might be enjoyable to experiment with the various options and create a game mode that you and your friends will love. This independence is excellent, but the defaults that are currently accessible on Gartic Phone modes are fantastic. You may not feel the need to return to Custom Mode if you find one that your group likes.


We hope you like all these Gartic Phone modes. It is particularly a new game, so we would like to know if you are enjoying it! How to play Gartic Phone modes?

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