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undo and redo on windows mac

Undo, redo, and other shortcut key functions on Windows & Mac

Using a keyboard shortcut is typically the quickest and simplest method to execute a task on your Windows or Mac laptop or PC. It is possible to boost your productivity and save time by using the keyboard for routine actions like undo and redo instead of following the mouse cursor and executing many input sequences. We’ll look at Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts for ‘undoing’ and ‘redoing.’ However, first, let’s take a closer look at how the Undo and Redo functions work.

What is the difference between Undo and Redo, and how are they used?

A simple typo or a file move gone awry may be undone using the Undo command on your Windows or Mac computer. In other words, Undo allows you to go back and undo the last action you took to get things back to the way they were before.

However, a redo accomplishes exactly the reverse. Redo is the command to use if you decide to go back in time after using the Undo feature. You may undo your previous action and get it restored. Learn how to undo and redo activities using shortcut keys in this article.

How to Undo using Keyboard shortcuts keys 

Windows OS

On the Windows operating system pressing Ctrl+Z on your keyboard is all you need to undo a Windows activity.

One-step undo is supported by almost all Windows programs. It’s possible to undo numerous steps with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, as long as the undo limit is not exceeded. Press and release Ctrl+Z repeatedly to travel back in time.

Mac OS

Apple laptop/PC users may reverse actions by pressing Command+Z on the keypad.

How to Redo using Keyboard shortcuts keys 

On the Windows operating system

Press Ctrl+Y, Ctrl + Shift + Z, or F4 to rerun an action you recently undid on Windows. Make sure that the F4 key is pressed before you attempt to use it.

However, not all Windows programs feature the Undo function.

On the Mac operating system

If you’ve made a mistake, you may reverse it by pressing Command+Y or Command+Shift+Z on a Mac.


To undo and redo on a Mac without using the keyboard, how do you do it

You may utilize the Edit menu at the top of the screen to undo and redo actions on MacBook and iMac models. If you just click on Edit, you’ll get an Undo/Redo drop-down menu with these options: Undo Typing and Redo Move are two examples of instructions on Mac that are followed by the action you’ll be undoing or redoing.

You’ll also see Undo and Redo buttons in the app’s main window fashioned like arching arrows, with the Undo button pointing left and the Redo button pointing right, in programs like Word.

With or without a keyboard, how can you undo and redo actions in Windows?

Undo and Redo buttons may be found on the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of many Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Office. To undo an action, choose the left-facing curving arrow and the right-facing arrow.

You’ll notice that the Undo command arrow is darkened if you can’t undo an action.


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