Warlander: The Best Squad Role Combination to Win Battles

warlander squad

A squad is a group of four players in Warlander, and each of them has a certain role to perform. However, in order for a team to be properly optimized, it must possess the appropriate classes, as well as the synergy that allows those classes to work together effectively. 

It is obvious that the best-rounded team will have the best possible chance of emerging victorious from battles.

Having stated that, let’s have a glance at what the finest possible combination of team members is in the Warlander.

The Most Complete Squad in Warlander


In order for your team to carry out its duties and win, there must always be at least one cleric present. Clerics, who play the role of support characters, provide assistance to the squad from behind the scenes. 

warlander cleric
Warlander Cleric Class

He is the one who will be responsible for healing your teammates whenever he is able to do so in order to keep them alive for the duration of the contest.

In addition to this, a cleric has the ability to build portals, which may then be used to transfer your squad to a specific place on the map.


A mage is the next kind of character that should be added to your team. Your side will be able to exert more pressure on the other team if you have a mage who is capable of doing damage from a distance. 

A mage’s other strengths lie in their ability to exert superb crowd control, which may render your foes helpless for a period of several seconds.

warlander mage

Mages, of course, have access to devastating skills that may inflict harm across a broad area. 

Because the mage will be assaulting from behind the lines, you should keep the other side preoccupied so that your mage may cast his or her skills and wipe the floor with them.

These skills also have the capability of destroying enemy constructions like cannons and ballistas, which makes them quite useful.


When it comes to the other two available spaces, you should give them to your warriors since they are your primary source of damage dealt and pushers. 

warlander warrior

They are the ones that will engage foes on the frontlines and protect the cleric and the mage who are a part of the squad.

In addition, depending on their skills, warriors have the ability to break past opposing lines and engage foes who attempt to attack them head-on. 


Naturally, your cleric and your mage need to provide the necessary assistance for them. 

They will be able to do their duties more efficiently and stay alive for a longer period of time if they do it in this manner.

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