Warlander Tips: Learn the Best Strategies to use with this Essential Beginner’s Guide

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The video game Warlander takes place during the Middle Ages. It includes player-versus-player (PVP) combat, in which you work together with a group of other players to fulfill goals while also vanquishing foes along the way. If you do not have any previous knowledge, you may find it challenging to play the game because of its hackish character.

Since you will be competing against players on the other side, it is in your best interest to familiarise yourself with strategies and tactics that will offer you an advantage while engaging in battle.

In this tutorial for beginners, I am going to give you tips and strategies to win almost all battles and be at the top of the leaderboard.

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Top Strategies & Tips You Ought to Be Aware Of | A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Warlander

You should already be aware that you will be competing with other players on a team. There will be goals that need to be completed, foes that need to be vanquished, and a game that needs to be won. However, as a novice, you really need to be aware of what actions are required of you while a match is in progress.

I have compiled a list of helpful hints and suggestions for you, which are as follows:

Focus on Objectives and Not Your Individual’s Score

Completing the objectives in Warlander is essential to have any chance of winning. It will be determined by the objectives that have been established for your team. In any event, you won’t be able to just go freely over the arena and do tasks on your own. You are expected to additionally make a contribution to the overall success of your team.

Warlander Game Objectives

For instance, if you are given a position on the defensive squad, one of your responsibilities will be to keep the opposing assault team from storming your castle. You will be expected to accomplish this job. This is highly significant since being aware of your function and goal in the conflict will enable you to better organize your approach in advance, even before your adversaries get near.

Squad Composition

Squad Composition matters a lot. If all of your squad has Warriors and the enemy team has a uniform and optimized composition then your loss is guaranteed. As mentioned below your playing as a team and against a team. Hence, you must have all types of classes in your squad. If you are still confused give the Best Warlander Squad Composition a read.

warlander squad
Warlander Squad

Play Smartly and Not Simply Aggressive

Wars are won with guts and intelligence. It is nice having knowledge of the map and all routes. Familiarize yourself with as many maps as you can.

Work as a team and not as a solo player. Being outnumbered is one of the worst-case scenarios. Help out your teammates instead of bum-rushing the enemies.

Warlander Machines

Instead of engaging in direct battle with the opposing team, members of an assault squad should concentrate their efforts on outflanking the group. You will be able to engage in combat with opposing clerics and mages in this manner, both of which are going to be incredibly troublesome on the battlefield.

This will nearly always work to your advantage, and when you eventually go head-on, you won’t have anything to worry about because of this strategy.

Learn the Map and Routes

You will find that familiarity with the topography of the terrain is helpful in the vast majority of player-against-player games within the same genre. Using this method, you will be able to determine which locations on the map your group should travel to as well as what you should do after you have arrived at those locations.

Warlander Map

It will be necessary for your squad to build up ballistas in order to force enemies back and control turrets in order to spawn. In addition to this, practicing with it may familiarise you with the minimap, which is an extremely useful tool since it shows you where your teammates are presently pushing or defending.

Play to the Strengths of Your Class

Warlander is more than just about chopping and slashing your way through the opposition. In addition, you possess talents that will offer you an advantage when engaged in battle. Therefore, you want to make the most of your talents, adjusting how you utilize them according to the circumstances, particularly during duels.

warlander warrior
Warlander Warrior

Choose Skills You Can Manage Best

When you are creating your character, you will notice that there are many distinct skills that may be combined. Find out what these combos are and what they accomplish to increase their effectiveness in battle by looking into it.

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