Way of the Hunter: Complete Nez Perce Valley Map Revealed Locations

way of the hunter

In Way of the Hunter, people often have trouble finding hotspots and important locations like Campsites, Echo Spots, and more. It causes confusion and takes a lot of one’s time to discover the complete map. However, recently the whole map was posted by a Reddit user.

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Way of the Hunter Nez Perce Valley Map Fully Revealed with Campsites, Echo spots, Hunting Stands, and More

In the below image you will be able to see the complete image of the Nez Perce Valley Map with all places revealed. It will exactly tell you where the rivers and lakes are for better hunting places. 

The campsites, echo spots, and other notable locations on the Nez Perce Valley Map are also listed there.

Way of the Hunter Nez Perce Valley Map Location

You can either download the image or hold on it to see a prompt that will let you open it in a new tab. You can zoom in freely and see all the notable locations that you need to visit on the Nez Perce Valley Map.

The notable locations are marked with:

  • Binoculars: Points of interest 
  • Watch Towers: For a better view of the area
  • Tents: Campsites
  • House: Lodges
  • Camera: Places you can visit to take pictures

If there is anything missing please let us know in the comments.

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