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where to find clay in minecraft

2 Answers: Where to find clay in Minecraft?

Clay is one of the most important resources in Minecraft, and it a lot of you don’t know where to find clay in Minecraft. But don’t worry as clay is not hard to find, and you can make it too!

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Where to find Clay in Minecraft?

Two ways to find clay blocks in Minecraft:

  • Natural Mining: Clay forms in vast numbers on the floors of ponds in lush caverns, which can only be generated in Java Edition by using the buffet or custom world type, or in Bedrock Edition by using the Caves & Cliffs experimental gameplay option.
  • Finding Chests: The unnatural way to find clay is If the player is lucky, clay can be obtained within chests scattered across the Minecraft world. While just exploring the Minecraft world, players can encounter clay resting within a chest inventory.
Where to find Clay in Minecraft?

Clay can also develop in the form of mineral veins in luxuriant caverns. Clay attempts to create 15 times each chunk in veins ranging in size from 0-160 and heights ranging from 0 to 60. Stone, diorite, andesite, and granite may all be replaced with clay.

Clay has a higher chance to be spawned underwater in swamps, beaches, seas, and river and lake bottoms in shallow, crystal-shaped discs, regardless of proximity to other types of stones. Clay is produced in masonry buildings in plains, savanna, and desert towns, as well as beneath fisher huts in taiga settlements.

Clay blocks may be mined with any tool, although shovels are the most efficient. The destruction of a clay block generates four clay balls. When shattered with a Silk Touch-enchanted instrument, it drops itself instead. Using a Fortune-enchanted instrument to destroy a clay block does not enhance the amount of clay spilled.

In Short: Sand + Water + Dirt is where clay can be found naturally or you could look inside chests.

Chests can be found in villages, caverns, ravines, dungeons, the Nether, and other locations. Players can take everything they find within the chest and put it in their inventory. For more info visit Minecraft Wiki!


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