A recent leak shows Steam QR Code Login Feature coming soon


Steam’s QR login code leaked online showing what might be available in the near future. The functionality will most likely be utilized to make signing into the Steam Deck easier.

steam qr code

A recent change to Steam’s code has indications of an impending new login method: Using the Steam mobile app to scan a QR code. According to Pavel Djundik’s tweet, the developer of SteamDB.

The functionality isn’t currently available, but it’s expected to be available alongside the Steam Deck later this year to make signing in on the portable more straightforward. Because of the Deck’s touchscreen, putting in passwords shouldn’t be too difficult, but scanning a QR code seems much preferable to me.

Steam’s Login Methods (Future)

Djundik’s highlighted code displays two login options: 

  1. With the account name 
  2. With a QR code

Login phrases such as “Awaiting your confirmation through the Steam Mobile app” show how the system will function. Djundik released another screenshot from the in-development Steam version, this time featuring a QR code box next to the standard Steam sign-in fields.

Valve’s Steam Guard service already allows two-factor authentication through the Steam mobile app, and this would be a natural expansion of that capability. It’s a wonderful alternative to Steam Guard’s antiquated email verification method, which often winds up stranded in some Gmail folder full of adverts, at least in my inbox. So provided that you don’t mind launching the Steam app on your phone, the Steam mobile authenticator is handier.

The QR code sign-in will most likely be available on both the Steam desktop client and the Steam Deck. The big question is when—Valve has stated that the Steam Deck will be available in December of this year, and we’d anticipate the upgrade of SteamOS and the desktop Big Picture mode to arrive at the same time.

Valve’s portable gaming PC will have a revised update of SteamOS as well as a strong push for Proton, Valve’s answer for running Windows games on the Linux-based Steam Deck with no work on the part of developers. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a preview of how the future version of SteamOS would look on desktops, as well as Valve reaffirming its intention to make every game in the Steam catalog playable on the Steam Deck.

Valve is releasing a Verified badge to assure that players’ games will function. This badge signifies high performance, no other compatibility concerns, and controller support. Every game on Steam will not be verified before launch (there are a lot of them), but they appear to be off to a decent start.

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