Steam’s Mistake: 6 Answers to Stupid People Asking to Ban NFTs

banning nfts is not the solution

Steam made a mistake when they have removed NFTs and started a world war on Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Many users are now requesting to ban NFTs and have gone to extended lengths calling Epic a scam for accepting them. Let’s prove these guys wrong.

Accusations on NFTs that are worng

Before going to Steam let’s talk about those people who think this was a great move and why they are the most stupid of all. These so-called AWOKE people cite these reasons and let’s answer them along the way:

1. You can download jpegs, so why pay for them?

I can steal your car, so why pay for it? The reason people think like this is the internet’s biggest problem, and it will stay this way. Since the internet was available for personal consumption people fancied the idea that everything is free. Facebook is free, pictures are free, racial rants are free, and you can do anything because you are almost anonymous and because everything on the internet is allowed. It’s almost as they believe that if you can’t get caught, you have committed no crime.

You can download pirated games, so why do you buy them? Keep on pirating them, and one day there will be no games left. Why? Because the game developers will go broke, including Steam (if they don’t start selling car parts or change their business)

buy games don't pirate

2. NFTs are a scam HAHA people lose money…

Many people have been scammed online because the online sellers ripped them off. An example of this would be the $31,000 CHINESE SCAM CAR faced by the YouTuber Inja. The YouTuber bought the car from a store on Alibaba. So would you call Alibaba a scam?

If someone uses an object/entity for bad reasons but the actual purpose of that object/entity is good then you should not ban it. The correct way would be to somehow regulate it by either making it safer for everyone to use, let specific persons use it, and like this, there are many so many other ways.

If I made a cool trailer of a game but actually did not deliver that product on Steam, would you call me a scammer or ban Steam? 

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3. Cryptocurrency and NFTs have no value

Please answer this question: What DOES have value? The value of an object depends on what a buyer is willing to pay for it. That is the reason a government can not print infinite money and then make their own citizens rich. In the same way, Gold has no intrinsic value but is determined to have value.

Now, if someone finds this hard to believe, an internet search would suffice. There is always time for learning new things and exploring but blatantly calling something you don’t understand a scam is stupendous. In the same way, some people still think that games cause violence.

4. NFTs and Cryptocurrencies do not exist

Your Steam and Facebook account doesn’t exist, go cry about it. Your CS:GO skins, COD Warzone Operators, Fortnite skins, and all things online don’t exist. For a reference give this a good read: If you’re not online, you don’t exist.

5. NFT owners do not own copyrights

My friend and I bought the Call of Duty game, now, how can two people have the same game? Moreover, we still don’t own the game. Well, that is because “the Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Content and Services.” 

6. No real use cases for the technology

Often stupid people say stupid things like saying crypto doesn’t have a large userbase as the Internet does, and that not many are reliant on it, so it is useless. Different coins offer different features, but it would be easier for you to search for Bitcoin so let’s talk about it.

Peer-to-peer transactions that are pseudonymous and do not incur banking fees. Moreover, from a technical point of view Bitcoin is impossible to steal from anywhere else than the user. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public list or ledger.

Moreover, like the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) ruling it an asset for capital gains tax purposes, many countries have introduced ways to accept these coins that supposedly have no use cases for the technology.

nft btc ban steam

One of the stupid people that ramble online said “For those paying attentions,” (I wonder how many ATTENTIONS one can pay) and then added that these NFT platforms won’t exist. There is no guarantee of anything existing tomorrow, there is only probability. If you are smart and lucky, then you will land in a ship that sails.

Why Steam is Wrong

The only fault of Steam here is not formally announcing why they haven’t let NFTs in. A huge fanbase and userbase exist for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there is a tremendous rise in its demand as well. Big platforms like this should always keep their users up to date on these things. 

Note: Steam hasn’t commented and didn’t say that NFTs have real-world value.

If someone actually has some concerns and questions regarding NFTs, we can explore this together, but outright making claims without having the proper knowledge is extremely ignorant.

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