AC The Forgotten Saga: How to Get Dwarven Defender Armor

Dwarven Defender Armor forgotten saga

In Assassin’s Creed’s free DLC the Forgotten Saga there are multiple armor sets that one can get. However, a lot of you have missed the hidden armor set called Dwarven Defender.

But you don’t need to worry as I will tell you where you can find the secret Dwarven Defender armor set.

AC Forgotten Saga: Where to get Dwarven Defender Armor Set

Step 1: Go to the Second Region of Niflheim

Niflheim’s second region is unlocked after you beat the first boss. This region will be covered with lava and you can only stay there for some time because of the heat. Which will make you go back to another island after a certain limit.

Step 2: Follow the Path Up the Skull Mountain

In Niflheim’s second region you will find a mountain with lava flowing out of it. The mountain will also have huge multiple skulls which is why it is called Skull mountain.

To find Hel’s Treasure in Dokkerland Location you need to follow the path leading to the top of Skull mountain. The start of the path is where the lava meets the merges. You will find wooden bases to follow and wooden ladders to climb. 

Step 3: Go to the Left Path After Finding Hel’s Treasure Chest

Once you find burnt trees you will find the Hel’s Treasure Chest to your left with a haystack behind it. You won’t be able to unlock it just yet. 

From there you will see two paths, one is the rope that leads you down, and the other goes to the left leading to the top of the mountain. Follow the path to the left which will take you further up the mountain.

Step 4: Jump From the Tallest Point into the Haystack near Hel’s Treasure Chest

Once you reach the end of the mountain you will see two huge rocks with some space in their middle. Go there and you have to jump from Skull mountain into the haystack below placed near Hel’s Treasure Chest which will unlock Dwarven Defender Armor for you.

Step 5: Open Hel’s Treasure Chest

After jumping from the Skull mountain in Niflheim you will be able to loot the Hel’s Treasure Chest, which will unlock Dwarven Defender Armor. There will also be a note for you there from Hel.

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