Last Oasis Water: Best Way to Farm and Get it

last oasis water guide

There are numerous ways of getting water in Last Oasis season five but all of them are time-consuming and not worth it. However, there is a quick way of getting tons of water which merely takes a couple of minutes and gives you over 50 Water in a single go.

Last Oasis: How to Get and Farm Tons of Water

Step 1: Go to Contaminated Lake

First, you need to go to a place where you can find Contaminated Lake. These lakes are marked with blue color on the map. The Contaminated Lakes have Toxic Water that you can collect and store. This Toxic Water will be converted into purified water, which you can drink.

You can find Contaminated Lakes in all maps like Cradle and Canyon. A good way to find Contaminated Lake is where the Boss Frog would be.

last oasis toxic water

Step 2: Get a Purification Station

A Purification Station converts 50 Toxic Water into 50 Purified Water which players can drink in Last Oasis. You can get it from Rupu Camps with over 2 Scatter Shots and 1 Ballista.

last oasis purification station

Step 3: Place Torque Battery Inside Dinghy Walker

You need to install a Torque Battery inside your Dinghy Walker which will produce Torque for your Purification Station. A Torque Battery can be crafted using Torque Schematic that you can find in Rupu Camps.

You only need 150 Torque for each round of 50 Purified Water. To generate Torque simply park your hangar near the Purification Station and it will generate Torque while idle.

last oasis torque

Step 4: Place Sand, Charcoal and Toxic Water 

You need to place sand, charcoal, and toxic water inside the Purification Station to make Purified Water. The ratio of each item should be equal. It means 1 Sand, 1 Charcoal, and 1 Toxic Water yields 1 Purified Water. If we include Torque, it would be 1 as well.

last oasis purified water

After placing all the inrgedients inside the Purification Station you will get 50 water after 2 minutes without having to do anything. This is the best and fastest way to get tons of water for you and your clan in Last Oasis.

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