Last Oasis Frogs: How to Find, Kill & Loot Mist Toxic Papak

last oasis toxic papak mist guide

In Season five of Last Oasis, there are new bosses that look like frogs called Toxic Papak, that you can fight and get huge rewards like rare Schematics from them. However, as the frogs are bosses, they have massive HP, which is why many find it hard to kill them.

In this guide, I will tell you where you can find Toxic Papak frogs, how to kill them, and what you will get out of them.

Last Oasis Mist Toxic Papak Frog Guide

First things first, let us see where you can find them.

Note: This guide is about Mist Papak which is found in dark and damp areas. There is another type of Papak that resides in the volcanic biome.

Where to Find Toxic Mist Papak Frog in Last Oasis

You can find Toxic Papak frogs at the end of the forest areas which have Contaminated Lakes and Mushrooms. As the contaminated lakes have toxic water they give birth to Toxic Papak frogs.

Visiting these areas have two benefits the first one is that you can get toxic water which can be converted into Purified Water. This is the fastest way of getting water in Last Oasis. The other one is that if you have enough players and resources you can take down these Frogs for loot.

Types of Toxic Mist Papak Frogs

There are two types of Toxic Papak Frogs in Last Oasis:

  • Legendary Toxic Papak Frog (18,000 HP)
  • Common Toxic Papak Frog also known as Mist Papak (8000 HP)

Loot Items and Schematics Dropped by Mist Toxic Papak Frogs

The loot dropped by Toxic Papak Frog depends on its rarity. The legendary will drop legendary Schematics and the common will drop common Schematics. There are also other items that you can get from them.

Toxic Mist Papak Frog Lootable Items:

  • Gelatinous Goo (Amount: 9-10)
  • Medium Walker Wings Schematic  
  • Mollusk Walker Schematic
  • Medium Wood Base Schematic
  • Medium Walker Legs Schematic
  • Forester’s Armor Schematic
  • Chitin Tools Schematic
  • Rawbone Scimitar Schematic
  • Repeater Schematic
  • Rig

Note: You can get all of these items from both Common and Legendary Toxic Papak (Mist) but the rarity of the items dropped depend on the Frog.

Best Way to Kill Toxic Papak (Mist)

Make your friend stand behind a huge rock after getting its attention. The frog will keep trying to kill the player but won’t be able to reach him. Now you need to have a walker stand at a decent distance from where you need to rain darts on the Toxic Papak. 

This method will take a lot of time but you will easily kill Toxic Papak without dying and getting your walker damaged.

Some good tips for this are to have a gas mask equipped as they release deadly gas which can damage you. Also, the friend you will use as bait should have enough water and food so that he doesn’t die. Especially in the case of Legendary Toxic Papak Frog as it will have 18,000 health and will take a lot of time to die.

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