Across the Obelisk Heiner: How to Unlock, Deck Builds & More

across the obelisk heiner

Across the Obelisk is an immersive card game with unlockable characters. One of the characters you can unlock in Across the Obelisk is Heiner. As there are no guides in the game, I am here to help you regarding Heiner.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can unlock Heiner, about his items, passives, deck building, and card upgrades in Across the Obelisk.

Heiner is the best tank in the game and is utterly indispensable in almost any team he’s very easy to unlock.

How to Unlock Heiner in Across the Obelisk

You need to start from the Green Zone and navigate to the Crumbling Tower and select accept. You then continue to finish Act One as normal and then navigate to the red portal. 

across the obelisk heiner unlock

Once you’re in the Red Zone you navigate to the Black Forge in the center of the map and then once you get there you select Enter. There’s no downside to missing your role when you select enter so you can always just select it without any fear. You then complete the fight by defeating all the enemies and then you would have unlocked Heiner. 

across the obelisk heiner location

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Heiner Overview, Passive (Innate) & Starting Item

Heiner’s tankiness and his unique starting cards make him the best tank in the Across the Obelisk. He’s the only person who’s able to get taunt on Act One in high madness levels without getting lucky with card rewards or items in the shop. It means that he can really easily control these fights and manage all the damage to himself which makes the healer’s life a lot easier. 

across the obelisk heiner stats

Heiner’s innate is unbreakable which gives lots of Block to all of your allies at the start of combat. Now, this also stacks with your perks which means if you max out your Block you can get to 20 Block at the start of each turn. 

His unique item is Reinforced Core which gives a bonus to all resistances and an additional block charge. 

Heiner Recommended Perks to Go For

Here are the recommended perks to choose when playing with Heiner:

  • General 32
  • Physical 18
  • Elemental 0
  • Mystical 0

In the General Perk tab, you want to maximize your Health and Resistance and balance the golden shards as you like. You can also go for two energy stacks on the physical tab. 

across the obelisk heiner perks

In the Physical Perk tab, you need to maximize your block. Also, get one stack of Reinforce, one extra stack of Taunt and under the Fortify choose the right most option which grants five Block per charge at the end of the round. 

heiner across the obelisk perks

So these are just ways to maximize your block and survivability. 

Heiner’s Starting Deck

Heiner’s starting deck includes the following cards: 

  • 3x Intercepts 
  • 2x Bluffs 
  • 1x Heat Laser (his unique card which grants himself Taunt, Fortify stacks, and some Block) 
  • 3x Guard 
  • 1x Shield Charge 
  • 3x Steelskin
  • 2x Sunder Armors 
across the obelisk heiner starting deck

Heiner’s Best Recommended Deck Builds

Heiner is a must-have character in Across the Obelisk that doesn’t require a lot of expense. Here are the cards you need to add to have the best Heiner’s Deck build:

  • 1x Helping Hand which is really good to help the team 
  • 2x Intimidate 
  • 2x Repair Armor 

These are really cheap cards. You can build this deck for about 200 shards and it’s just really efficient to help your team using these. It is because he’s got a really strong starting deck. 

across the obelisk heiner best deck build

The cards you should remove are all Sunder Armor and all Steel Skins. You can choose to keep one Steel Skin and get rid of one Guard instead, but if you put no points into Shield just to get rid of all the Steel Skins. 

Heiner Card Upgrades

Because Heiner is very strong you do not need to upgrade any cards and can just keep the shards for other characters instead. 

Heiner Best Shop Items to Choose

When you’re in the shop you want to keep an eye out for any items that make you tankier. The strongest item would be the Hourglass of Death which guarantees you Taunt at the start of the game. It does have negative effects but managing to keep all the enemies aggro on one person is invaluable. 

Heiner Best Pet to Have

When choosing pets for Heiner in Across the Obelisk you may want to consider a cheap option like Champie who gives block or you can go for Sharpie. Sharpie, because he might be the best possible pet to choose for Heiner. He is expensive but being able to dispel one negative effect per turn is incredible. Especially if you have Taunt up you will be constantly getting debuffed. 

Across the Obelisk: How to Play as Heiner

Playing with Heiner in Across the Obelisk is very easy you put him at the front and you just keep armoring up. He’s very good to pair with someone who can help him get to his taunt as fast as possible. You don’t really want to be finding your Taunt in Round Three, you want to find it in Round One or Round Two. 

across the obelisk heiner gameplay

So you run him with scouts like Andrin who could help him discard some of his deck just to work down to his taunt faster. If you have lots of spare mana you can choose to armor up other teammates. If you don’t have Taunt you can put Fortify on other people by using Guard. 

But overall he just stands there and takes damage. Try not to use Shield charge every turn, use it only if you have over 100 armor or if the slow is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, try not to waste your mana keep yourself high and just ride the wave really. 

Heiner is a very fun Champion to play and he’s the best tank in the game. A really easy champion to unlock and very very cheap to build to be very strong. 

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