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Golf With Your Friends: How to Get and Buy Hats

We all love hats, whether it is Super Mario, Team Fortress, or Golf With Your Friends. Even though they can’t make our characters powerful sometimes they are known to improve our performance. I don’t know whether that is because of coolness or hidden buffs but we need to get them at all costs!

The game of Golf With Your Friends does not feature any hat-based superpowers. But they are awesome to look at! I will tell you how you can get hats and customize them in Golf With Your Friends!

How to Get Hats in Golf with Your Friends

Hats may be obtained in one of three methods in the game: 

  • In-game store (Buying)
  • Steam’s Community market (Buying)
  • Game missions and achievements (Grinding)

To obtain a hat without using money, all you have to do is play the game normally. After each match you play, you will get a hat for every 45 minutes you spend in the game. However, you can only use this approach to create three new hats every day.

golf with your friends hat customization

Hat Tiers in Golf with Your Friends

Over forty distinct headwear options are available. The game’s headwear is separated into four tiers: 

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Legendary Hats

There are only two Legendary Hats:

1. Magical Wizard Hat

This hat is being sold by 77 people currently. In the online market, its price has plummeted for a while now but it seems that $4.5 is its average price right now.

The description of this hat is: Its so magical

golf with your friends magical wizard hat

2. Elfdeer

There are only SEVEN of these hats being sold on Steam’s Marketplace! Considering its rarity along with a specific Chrsitmasn Event (2018) it holds a decent value. 

The current average price is $46.29 on Steam’s Marketplace.

The description of Elfdeer Hat: No red nose? but a sweet elf hat!

golf with your friends elfdeer legendary hat

If you want to read about other hats you can check out Golf With Your Friend’s Wiki but the data has not been updated for quite a while but it is something.

Also, here’s a link from where you can see the available hats in Golf with Your Friends on Steam Marketplace.

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