Across the Obelisk Wilbur: How to Unlock, Deck Builds & Upgrades

across the obelisk wilbur

Across the Obelisk is an immersive card game with unlockable characters. One of the characters you can unlock in Across the Obelisk is Wilbur. As there are no guides in the game, I am here to help you regarding Wilbur.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can unlock Wilbur, about his items, passives, deck building, and card upgrades in Across the Obelisk.

How to Unlock Wilbur in Across the Obelisk

Wilbur takes a little bit of time to unlock. To start unlocking Wilbur you complete Act One as normal and then navigate to the red portal. In the red area, you navigate to the rest area in the middle of the map and then select accept. You then continue to finish act two as normal, and then you navigate to Act Three. It doesn’t matter which one you go to, complete that, and then you navigate to Act Four. 

across the obelisk wilbur unlock

When you reach act four you will navigate to the library which is at the top right of the screen. Once you reach the library you select the continue option which is to take a book about ancient technology and then you will have unlocked Wilbur. 

Wilbur Overview, Passive & Starting Item

Wilbur is a mage who focuses on doing water as well as electricity damage, or you can build him a specialty in books and buffing allies. Wilbur’s passive is an engineer which at the start of each turn grants one energize to a random hero. 

across the obelisk wilbur stats

His unique item is the Power Glove which grants some powerful stacks at the start of combat and provides some electricity resistance. 

Wilbur Playstyles and Perks

You can choose between the two recommended play styles for Wilbur:

1. Lightning Damage Mage

The first is running him as a damaged lightning mage. The recommended perks to choose from are:

  • General 34
  • Physical 0
  • Elemental 16
  • Mystical 0

On the General tab put a few points into speed so you can balance the golden shards as you like but with a little bit of defensibility and a little bit of energy. 

across the obelisk wilbur perks

On the Elemental tab, you maximize your lightning damage, and on the spark tree, you choose the center option. This means a spark on enemies also inflicts 30 percent of your charges spread to the sides of the enemy. 

At the start of their turn, this means that you can really quickly stack on an entire group of people lots of spark charges. 

across the obelisk wilbur perk upgrades

On the wet tree, you should choose the center option, which reduces lighting resistance by one percent and that charges don’t go down at the end of the turn. 

It means that you can also scale by putting lots of water on and just keep pumping out damage faster and faster. 

2. Buffing Champion (Support)

The second playstyle you can choose is to run Wilbur as a buffing Champion. The recommended perks to choose from are:

  • General 47
  • Physical 0
  • Elemental 3
  • Mystical 0

On the General Tab, you need to maximize the shards speed as well as a bit of energy. Some buffer stacks as well as some evasion stacks because he has two mirror images in the starting deck. 

across the obelisk wilbur upgrade

On the elemental page, you need to go for Inspire (left most option) which gives hero 1 Inspire at the start of combat just so you can get to your finished state as fast as possible. 

Starting Deck

Wilbur’s starting deck includes the following cards:

  • 1x Shifting Scroll
  • 1x Twin Scrolls (his unique card which allows him to put a copy of a spell into his deck or into an allies deck) 
  • 3x Zaps
  • 1x Librarian
  • 3x Water Jets
  • 4x Electric Discharges 
  • 2x Mirror Images
across the obelisk wilbur deck

Best Recommended Deck Builds

When building Wilbur as an Electric Mage you should add the following cards: 

  • 2x Reins 
  • 2x Scrolls of Speed 

He’s very cheap to get off the ground and his kit is already best suited for this sort of build. You just need to remove two electric discharges one water jet and one zap this is just to tighten your deck. It also helps reduce the overall mana cost so that you can cast all the cards you need to.

Building Wilbur for support is actually quite expensive so ideally, you want to get rid of as many of the electric and water damage cards as possible. When building Wilbur as a Support you should add the following cards: 

  • 2x Scrolls of Speed
  • 1x Transmission 
  • 2x Elemental Wards 
  • 2x Curse of Exhaustion 

These are all burnable cards and help you get down to your finished cycle of cards faster. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough cheap burnable cards to be able to get rid of everything so when removing cards you need to remove the most expensive ones first.

The most expensive cards you need to remove first are water jets and all the electric discharges. Keep the freeze zaps just because you can’t get rid of them. ideally, they will be removed later on in the game 

Card Upgrades for Wilbur

Here is a list of cards you need to upgrade that are best suited for Wilbur in Across the Obelisk: 

  • 2x reins to give a little bit more wet 
  • 1x scroll of speed to make it innate 
  • 1x Zap because they’re quite cheap and it’s better to be able to target who you want the electricity to go on 

When upgrading cards for Wilbur as a Support Champion you need to upgrade the following cards:

  • 1x Scroll of Speed to make it innate 
  • 2x Cursive Exhaustion so that they burn
  • 2x Elemental Wards so that they burn 
  • If you can afford it, it is worth upgrading Librarians to make it permanent but it is a very expensive upgrade so you can skip it most of the time 
  • 1x Transmission, upgrade it to be permanent as well just so you can constantly keep buffing your teammates 

Lightning Mage Best Items & Pet

When looking for items for a Lightning Mage you want to look for anything that increases your wet or your lightning damage. There aren’t that many that are out there so you can tend not to buy much. 

When deciding what pet to get it’s either going to be Chompy who applies wet stacks to everyone every two turns or stormy who does lightning damage and applies sparks every turn. They cost the same amount of gold and it’s up to personal preference which one you want to go for. When looking for items as a Support Mage there really is not much out there, the ideal item would be something like Quill which enables you to get more inspire stacks on the team.

For pets, there’s even less you can go for. Something cheap like Bunny or you can go for Champy who lets you buff the team a tiny bit more or champion with some armor and some forms. 

Free Upgrades for Wilbur in Across the Obelisk

Something really useful to know is that if you run Wilbur in your team there are at least two places where you can get a free upgrade for everyone in your team as well as a boom card. 

In act one if you navigate to the broken altar in the middle of the map and you have Wilbur on your team you get a boom card and everyone in the team gets a free upgrade. 

Similarly in the red zone at the very top at the order of storms if you bring Wilbur there as well you will also get a free upgrade.

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