Genshin Impact: Find Hidden Teleport Waypoint Chatrakam Cave

Chatrakam Cave genshin impact teleport guide

In Genshin Impact’s newest map Sumeru there are tons of hidden teleport waypoints that you need to find. One of the hidden teleport points you need to find is near Chatrakam Cave.

In this Genshin Impact Sumeru Map guide, I will tell you the location of Chatrakam Cave Teleporter location and how to unlock it.

Genshin Impact: Chatrakam Cave Hidden Teleport Location

Step 1: Teleport to Lokapala Jungle Waypoint and Go to Chatralam Cave

As Chatralam Cave is located in Lokapala Jungle you need to use the Lokapala Jungle waypoint to get there. After teleporting head down to the Northern side where you will find a small isolated land. You can find the location better with the help of the image below.

Chatrakam Cave teleport waypoint

Step 2: Go Down the Cave

The small land surrounded by water in Sumeru has a huge hole beneath it which leads to the secret teleporter. Water will be flowing inside it. Be careful not to jump straight in as it is deep.

At the start of the cave, you will find enemies around level 88. You can run past them or fight them it is your choice. After dealing with them you need to continue down the cave.

genshin impact Chatrakam Cave

Step 3: Fly to the Top Side of the Cave

Once you reach an area where you will need to grapple there will be two paths. The first path leads which goes straight to the other side of the cave leads you away from the Teleporter.

To go to the Teleporter in Chatrakam Cave you need to fly to the top which many players will miss.

genshin impact Chatrakam Cave teleporter location

Step 4: Light Up Nodes Using Niko

Now you will see a couple of interactable nodes. The green nodes need to be lit using your character Niko and the red one is the Teleporter. After all the green nodes have been activated you will have unlocked the secret Teleportation Waypoint in Sumeru’s Chatrakam Cave.

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