ARK Fjordur Ambergris: Best Hidden Location to Mine | Guide

ambergris ark fjordur

ARK Fjordur Ambergris is a rare resource you get from mining. Don’t worry as we have found the best place where you can find plenty of Ambergris to mine. As it is a rare resource, we also have posted the recommended gear you should have because it isn’t easy to mine.

Requirements to Mine Ambergris

These are some of the requirements that can help you get Ambergris:

Having Blood Pack is also a great idea as you will most likely encounter hostile dinosaurs.

ARK Fjordur Ambergris Location

You need to come to the coordinates 48.7 and 15.6 near the swamp island. Equip your scuba tank and dive into the water. Go near the hexagonal rocks, and from there you have to be exactly at these coordinates: 52.3, 16.6. Looking beneath you, you’ll find the entrance to the Ambergris cave.

ark fjordur ambergris location

Have a pick and hatchet ready because in this area there will be a lot of lurking threats. It is advised to hurriedly go inside the cave or else there are high chances of being attacked by a Megalodon. Dive straight down the entrance, and you’ll be in the under-ocean area where the cave is. It will be cold, so make sure to have hyperthermal insulation equipped.

Inside the underwater cave, you might have to find Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurus. You should stay clear of them as they are a nuisance.

Move down to the extreme bottom of the cave, and you’ll find tons of rocks. Don’t start mining just yet because not every rock will have Ambergris. You’ll have to find rocks with yellow marks on them. These are the rocks you look out for and mine.

ambergris mining fjordur

Lastly, mine with a metal pick as it increases the chances of getting Ambergris. With stone pick you will likely get stone and a very few Ambergris, which will be a waste of such a rare resource.

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